Pricelessly Boring

The LIBOR scandal is so boring that it may be unprosecutable.

6 thoughts on “Pricelessly Boring

  1. I am sensing a lack of focus. Doing the NBC gig, toons about LA while based in NY, phoned in toons about LIBOR.

    Ennui is a bitch.

    Don’t let mid-life take you down, Ted. Sharpen those pencils and take them down, all of them.

  2. Mr Rall’s cartoon is priceless. Even those who follow his blog find libor and cartoons about it boring.

    According to JOE NOCERA, libor affects $10 trillion in loans and $350 trillion in derivatives. So it’s all boring, inconsequential stuff.

  3. Prime strategy for control: keep telling the masses that the important things are boring and feed them a constant diet of celebrity and shark drivel.

  4. I might actually find the scandal quite interesting, not because of the amount of money, but because of the ease at which they appeared able to do it. They make it sound like something I could do from home with an internet hook up and three hours a day.

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