Presidential Switchoff

A new president finds some new, unsurprising bedfellows.

5 thoughts on “Presidential Switchoff

  1. Reminds me of (I’m pretty sure) Bill Hicks’ routine that went something like this: “I think that whenever someone’s elected president, he’s taken to a small room, sat down in front of a film projector and shown a film of the Kennedy assassination taken from the angle of the sniper. Then the film stops playing, someone puts it back in the case, and the person running the whole event looks at the president and says the only two words of the proceedings.”

    “Any questions?”

  2. That’s pretty much how it goes, alex_the_tired; but, don’t forget the punch-line…

    “Any questions?”
    (New President) “Just; what my agenda is…”

    Then there’s the “I’ll show you politics in America” … (paraphrased some) “I like the puppet on the left. I think the puppet on the right expresses my views. THEY”RE BOTH HELD BY THE SAME MAN! — Go back to sleep, America; your government is in control.”

    suetonius17… Well, to the extent that laughter is like the zebra’s response to the lion on it’s back digging it’s claws into it’s neck. Otherwise; it’s just common murder, or a war crime at best. And guess who’s implicated as an accomplice… that’s right; you and me. Excuse me while I go wash my hands… out damned spot! Toil and trouble and Pax Americana, too. Say; it almost looks like the forest itself is moving up on our fortifications; it’s a good thing I don’t have to fear any man born of woman, eh? No worries, mate.

    Tyler Durden: I concure with your expressed opinion…. “Hmmmmm.” indeed.

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