Portraits of the Candidates with Their Favorite Deities

Ben Carson has a portrait of himself hanging out with Jesus at his house. What if the other candidates had similar images of themselves with those most important to them?

3 thoughts on “Portraits of the Candidates with Their Favorite Deities

  1. Every single American politician gets the same picture taken during his first run for office. You know the one, he’s standing in front of some picturesque little church, one hand on his wife’s shoulder, the other hand holding a bible as he gazes skyward. Nowadays they probably do it with Photoshop.

    Jefferson was a Deist, Adams was a Unitarian – neither one would be electable today. Last I heard there was exactly one (admitted) atheist in congress.

    gah. They all worship at the altar Croesus and Mammon, everything else is just for show.

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