Poly Styrene and Osama bin Laden, RIP

The lead singer of X-Ray Spex and terrorist Osama bin Laden die a week apart. Coincidence?

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  • I am mildly amused, but I foresee you catching a lot of hell for this cartoon mainly because it doesn’t adequately celebrate the death of Osama according to American Jingoist standards and you imply that he gets the virgins he is looking for. Again, I have no problem with this cartoon, I am just suggesting you may wish to batten down the hatches as I believe it is likely that there is a S#!# storm squall brewing on the horizon. Could be good publicity if you ride out the resulting (metaphorical) high seas correctly.

    Of course after the Anti American Manifesto (good book) the right may have just given up complaining about your “un-American” perspectives.

  • SomeoneElse
    May 6, 2011 2:42 PM

    Since all comments seem to be moderated, I suppose some, many, even more don’t make it through…
    Of course, censorship, err editing is an inalienable right guaranteed by Bush & Obama & other presidents’ interpretation of the constitution.
    Mr Rall, it is without wanting to infringe on such right of yours that I would nevertheless ask you to open a thread where such deemed unworthy comments could be dumped for our -us, common folks- enjoyment or inspiration.
    Thanking you in advance.

    • I’d say I post 98% of all comments. I don’t post those that piss and shit all over my virtual living room. Respectful, even strident, disagreement is always welcome as long as basic rules of civility are not infringed. Also, there’s always the Rallforum if you’d like a more free-wheeling, unmoderated discussion.

  • exkiodexian
    May 6, 2011 3:00 PM

    I’ve always thought Ted a relatively intelligent guy, but when it comes to music he’s got the shittiest taste in the world. Who the fuck cares about some dip-shit, washed-up, no-talent punk singer? Jesus, get a fucking clue.

  • Also, X-Ray Spex was awesome.

  • SomeoneElse
    May 6, 2011 4:16 PM

    Actually, you are bloody right. The forum could really use a (tainted) blood transfusion.
    I look forward to the future piss & shit thread you’ll be soon opening there.

  • yungturk39
    May 6, 2011 7:33 PM

    I want to buy this. It’s THAT awesome. How much? LOL

  • yungturk39
    May 6, 2011 7:37 PM

    …actually I want the complete set. This, and “Democratic Priorities” from 2008. Still available?

  • The “he’s not getting his 72 virgins or he’s getting ugly 72 virgins, ha ha ha” cartoons are too cliche.

  • The end of Osama is, oh so tragically, the end of Ted Rall. You were brought into the spotlight because of your ridiculous response to 9/11, and to all the events since that time. Most important to the media has been the manner in which you have (basically, whether you openly admit it or not) given your ideological support to Osama and his cause. This has, of course, brought about the ire of the nation and the rise of your popularity. And that, of course, has inspired you to put forth this idea even more.

    But now he’s gone. You can draw one cartoon where you place him in heaven (oooooh, that sure will upset them!) and write an editorial about how terrible we are for taking him out – – but it’s all just a desperate man clinging to the edge of the cliff now. No more than an aging supermodel taking off her clothes for Playboy.

    You’re a sad little man, Ted. Enjoy the remainder of your time in oblivion – selling your pictures to other sad little men for three hundred bucks a pop.

    • Oh, Ranja, Ranja, Ranja…I was around long before Bush and 9/11, and I will be around long after Obama. As long as there are evil politicians and stupid citizens to tolerate them, I will have plenty of work.

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