Permanent Poverty for Generation X

One out of four Baby Boomers say they will never retire. Generation Xers, pushing 50, realize they are doomed.

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  • Still on the good side of 50, it is not an option of wanting to retire, I will have to work until I drop dead in my blue smock saying hello to the next Wal*Mart customer.

    Social Security will not be there when I reach my super majority.


    I have worked so many different jobs and had so many different 401(k)s that lost tons of their value back in ’08.

    Health care? I plan not to get sick.

    My advice to my kids, just entering the workforce and college, lotsa luck.

    Not really being a Gen-X or a boomer leaves me in limbo. The profession I am following has many lingering boomers in the high end jobs, so I will be a stiff until I am stiff.

    There is always selling apples on the street.

  • Paragons of greed until their dying breaths… if there’s a more narcissistic generation than the Boomers (a.k.a., the “Me-Me-Me, I Want It All and I Wanted It Yesterday, Everyone Else Fuck Off and Die” generation), let me know.

  • Retire – on what ? It might be wise to remember that most baby boomers are not recipients of Goldman Sachs bonuses – nor are a majority of such recipients boomers. Somebody’s looking through the wrong end of the telescope….


  • Does Being a part of generation Z get me some flack?! Will I get a job?!

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