Regardless of what it’s actually about, every bill is branded as a response to whatever polls say is people’s top priority.

3 thoughts on “Panderocracy

  1. Yes! Like the Patriot Act… Did it give more money for soldiers with injuries? Did it mean we had to fly an extra flag over our houses on certain days? Oh no, it took long held American rights and said, you don’t have them anymore, so essentially, it should have been called the illegal, fuck you citizens act… not the same ring I guess… Jobs Bill same BS.

  2. Passage (ha,ha) of the “American Jobs Act” ?!? Pres. Obumma, sir, you’re relegated to only repeating the title of your (limp on) “Jobs Act” to get across your seriousness about caring about caring about jobs.

    Your two-year, GOP ass-kissing jag, that destroyed your healthy congressional majorities, will insure that this “Act” gets no farther than Boner’s trash can.

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