Right-wing candidate Herman Cain can’t be defeated by supporting evil policies…yet gets laid low by getting caught getting laid.

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  • You are giving them too much credit, Ted. Most of what is left of the middle class has neither the gumption, desire or knowledge to do much of anything, except try to juggle the soundbites that they are occassionally receptive to. We live in a culture where the Kardashians and Jersey Shore are “actually watched” and worshiped for their “on the edge” coolness. Our culture has become so stratified, heterogeneous, chaotic and dumb-down, that any expectations of realizations might be considered tears in the rain. Would you support someone like Bill Maher for President? :^)

  • You have an interesting definition of the word “defeated”. Obama would’ve cleaned Cain’s clock in the general.

  • Uh, yeah, I think most of us here would agree……and that is exactly why anyone should still want Cain in the race. Defeeted? I can’t see anything at all interesting in Ted’s view of this. Are you out tonight trolling? LOL

  • Hell, I thought it would help him win, Clinton was elevated to god status for making women like giving head, and Edwards got sympathy for cheating on his dying wife, I figure having a 13 year old affair would have been kind of quaint since his affair lasted longer than most marriages. Its funny, it goes back to your cartoon about Bin Laden, people were more concerned that he watched porn and scratched his ass, than the fact that he was responsible for the death of thousands of people or maybe more over the years. Now Cain, regardless of personal belief on the issues, is brought down, not because of his policies, hell not even because he allegedly (probably) sexually assaulted women, no its because he had consensual sex with a slutty poor girl, see if its rape its not cheating apparently. American’s have such a fucked up view on sexuality and then combine that with politics and its just fucking insane what matters to people.

  • While I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the reactions to John Edwards affair, I remember universal disgust, even amongst people like me who had wanted him to be president.

    I believe Mr. Rall is just saying what you are, Rikster. It’s disturbing that a consensual long-term affair brings a whack-job misogynist candidate down.

    Since it needs to be said: this cartoon is very insulting to the Dark Lord Vader, who was just a victim of the Emperor and was ultimately redeemed. :] As evil as Cain seems, I think he is more on the dumb and crazy side.

  • This is an old, perennial joke. Remember “somebody give Bush a blowjob so we can impeach him?” My new version is “somebody give Obama a blowjob so we can get a progressive primary challenge.”

  • What Ted here points out concerning the level of political discourse in the United States has, of course, been pointed out before – but it needs to be pointed out over and over again until people in that country become so disgusted by the spectacle that they do something about it. But alas, we are probably talking about a process that would take longer than the time our universe is likely to last – much less the time our species, which the way things are going now will do well to make it through this century, seems to have before it….


  • …Of course….it’s easier to run for President than it is to get a driver’s license. But let’s face it, how else is the establishment going to peal off all these awful candidates that their whack job supporters seem to like? The only completely unelectable candidate left to pull a full media blitz character assassination on is Ron Paul, and he’s made of Teflon. Utterly unelectable…but they have to pretend they’re not herding their crazy constituency into picking the “right” candidate…it has to look natural

  • I liked Bill Maher. Then he said something like, “Yeah I have problems with Obama, but he’s president now so I stand by him.”

    I used to think obviously the establishment would hate Ron Paul. Now, I’m not so sure. He wants to lower the capital gains tax and destroy the EPA among other equally delightful prospects–to the elite’s minds anyway.

  • Yeah its cute isn’t it Bill Maher acting like all those republicans he used to bash? I guess its not so funny when the idiot conservative currently in office is the one you voted for. Who knew Bill Maher was Rush Limbaugh if Rush weighed less but was too lazy to shave.

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