Origins of the Amazing Mitt-Bot

How did the Mitt-Bot come to walk awkwardly among us? Now the fantastic origin story can be told.

12 thoughts on “Origins of the Amazing Mitt-Bot

  1. I only wish aliens really were secretly plotting to take over the earth. At least then we’d have a good excuse for all the economic and environmental devastation being wrought by our leaders — rather than the more prosaic explanation which is that it is being done simply to serve the short-term interests of a handful of greedy kleptocrats.

  2. Maybe you should start an “Earther” movement that demands Mitt publicly demonstrate his humanity? I don’t think documents will do, those can all be fact by a clearly advanced extra terrestrial species. Maybe we need to cut off one of his arms to see…..

  3. Very smart of the aliens to have Mitt-bot masquerade as a Mormon. No one would suspect a thing!


    Guy #1 (conversing with a friend): “Remember during that debate when Mitt Romney opened his mouth and fired a weird laser beam that stunned Newt Gingrich. What was that all about?”

    Guy #2: “Did you forget that Mitt Romney is a MORMON?”

    Guy #1: “Oh, that’s right. Well that explains everything!”


    Mitt Romney (speaking before an audience): “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated into the collective!”

    Audience member #1: “Say what?”

    Audience member #2 (whispers): “He’s a Mormon. Haven’t you ever had one come up to you on the street?”

  4. ahh yeah…

    ” At a distance to Alpha Centauri of just 0.21 ly (15000 ± 700 astronomical units [AU]), Proxima Centauri may be in orbit …”

    I bet Mitt knows that!!

  5. When was it that Moroni paid a visit???
    (I really have a problem with that angel; it seems he introduced himself to Smith with broken English: “Moron – I” !!!

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