Or We Could Campaign

Democrats are trying to defeat Trump by every conceivable means, and then some, except the most obvious one: run against his ideas, policies, record and personality.

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  • Is this what is meant by “freedom isn’t free”?

  • Run against Trump’s policies, ideas, etc.? How? With what? If Trump got up there and said mercury in vaccines causes autism, know what the dems would do? I don’t, but I am pretty sure they wouldn’t shout him down by pointing out the truth: the vaccines have been available as mercury-free since 1999 and autism rates have continued to rise. And even if they did, Trump (and the kind of people who think in the same way he thinks) would simply ignore the truth because, at the end of the day, Trump, his supporters, and the dems are almost identical: They don’t care about the truth, they never admit errors, and they are quite proud of how hopelessly doctrinaire they are.

    It’s like the entire country is in a psychotic state where thinking is verboten but mindless adherence to ideology is considered enlightened.

    The dems have nothing ideologically even remotely close to the kerosene pickles Trump’s offering. That’s why they can’t run on policies, issues, and the like.

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