Oppose Democracy to Save Democracy

Democrats say they’re defending democracy–but only by opposing Trump. They’re happy to resort to anti-democratic tactics whenever they feel threatened.

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  • alex_the_tired
    May 31, 2024 9:00 AM

    I find it odd that people are up in arms about Alito and his flags. Sorry, his wife’s flags. His argument is that she has a right to fly flags as a private citizen. The other side of the argument being, “Look, you’re a justice on the Supreme Court. You need to avoid EVEN THE APPEARANCE of bias.”

    We just watched a six-week trial. I know, I know, Trump is icky-poopy and a stupidface. And yes, I know, he was guilty even before the case was called because he’s an icky-poopy stupidface. Got it. But we just had a case that trapped a highly viable candidate in a court room for over a month during campaign season, and the same media outlets screaming themselves hoarse about the appearance of impropriety about a flag are sitting there smugly, telling the Trump side, “What? This appears to be a dirty trick? Tough.”

    I congratulate Biden’s people for being willing to stoop to dirty tactics like this. Frankly, these are the sorts of tricks that used to win democrats seats and policies. But the risk of blowback is enormous. Trump was found guilty of ledger, check, and invoice crimes. “I don’t know about you, Muriel, but I won’t feel safe until that man is put to death. I mean, what next? Double-parking? Stealing the pens at the bank? Dancing?”

    Yes. He did it. But, aside from the same high-minded solons who ignore every shady thing Biden does or APPEARS to have done, who really cares? What’s Biden’s team going to do when Trump goes UP in the polls after this? Accuse Trump of killing JFK? Assert that Trump’s the Zodiac Killer? I mean, what’s left? Transfer him to Gitmo?

    • These crimes are lackluster, which is why pretty much every other defendant in existence accepts a plea-bargained slap on the wrist, and it goes away. What voters should be asking themselves is not whether these crimes are more serious than double parking; they should be asking why Trump insists on this televised circus when the proper thing to do is to just pay the parking tickets.

      • Wow! There is not understanding politics and Trump, and then there is REALLY not understanding politics and Trump!

      • @abducens I am eager to learn. Please explain.

  • Well, you had one opportunity to have a ‘toon ready for a day like today. And like so many other opportunities, it was missed. Hope this leads to some quiet reflection

    • Trump was threatened with 4 years times 34 ‘crimes’ = 136 years. No sign of a plea deal offered, except, ‘Withdraw from the race and get your sentence cut to 4 to 8 years, maybe at Rikers, maybe house arrest.’ I have no idea why Trump didn’t accept this very generous offer.

      • “Withdraw from race,” b-b-b-b-but I thought this case had no political machinations whatsoever, clutch my pearls!

      • @michaelwme Where is your evidence that Trump was offered a plea deal contingent upon his withdrawal from the presidential race?

  • Also – “Why is stopping Trump so important?” is what a Biden lackey asks Biden?

    Are we even trying anymore? What about something like “Gee, Joe, these seem like some questionable directives, why should we do these things?”

  • This has to be the most commented toon in years, which is super ironic! You’re welcome Ted, you drop the ball, I got your back

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