Open Season on the Gray Wolf

Gray wolves have been delisted from the Endangered Species List as the result of corrupt lobbying. This is the first time an animal has been delisted as the result of non-scientific inquiry, by bureaucrats and politicians.

6 thoughts on “Open Season on the Gray Wolf

  1. I’m the proud owner of this cartoon and I like it more each time I read it. To me, it really says a lot about the laws regarding animals: They were never great in the first place, the people now making the decisions are totally uneducated and couldn’t care less about the animals, and all rights go to the highest bidder. If only animals COULD bribe our pols, this is exactly what would happen.

    Thanks Ted! You captured my anger.

    P.S. – anyone interested in Ted’s auctions, they are well worth it. I’m really happy to have the opportunity to have someone of Ted’s caliber do a cartoon based on my input.

    I may be back for seconds Ted!

  2. Boy, I like this one Ted.

    Although it does show that you, yeah you, suck. After all, I can’t even draw, and I found out recently that I am not nearly as funny as I thought, (darn it).

    Yes, the repukes think you suck, the Obamabots think you suck, it is only the people with a sense of humor and a brain that like your stuff.

    Unfortunately today, many Americans no longer have a sense of humor, or a brain, which makes the market for your cartoons much more difficult.

    Maybe we need more Americans who utilize their brains, rather than letting FAUX news own it?

  3. No that is the problem, wolves, like most Americans, don’t have enough money to pay off politicians. If we all had equal ability to bribe (i.e. equal amounts of disposable money) we would actually have democracy in America again even if it were an ugly looking one in terms of its mandatory bribe for participation.

  4. We’re shooting wolves here in Sweden as well – in a plan which our so-called «Minister of the Environment» calls an effort to strengthen their genetic makeup, which suffers from the consequences of inbreeding. Perhaps the wolves aren’t the only mammals here whose genome suffers from the consequences of inbreeding ?…


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