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Supporters of Ukraine in its conflict with Russia seem unable to understand the terrible optics of the fact that President Biden, who has essentially entered the war on the side of Ukraine, has a drug addict son who received a lucrative no-show job from Ukraine. There is no distinction between the appearance of conflict of interest and actual conflict of interest.

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  • The Biden family criminal nepotism is small change in comparison with the meticulously provoked Ukraine proxy war intended to destroy Russia and take control of its resources. Among whatever few Americans realize THAT … what fraction objects to it? What fraction think its great to undertake yet more international piracy … or to use as an excuse for it protection of Ukraine “sovereignty,” which, of course, the US destroyed in its 2014 coup?

    Similarly, any poll numbers on the recent “60 Minutes” renewed promise of Pres Dirty Harry to simultaneously go to war with China, ANOTHER nuclear power, over Taiwan?

  • Imagine a disease for which the only defense the body can mount is to spontaneously trigger another disease. My suspicion is that this is what’s going on in the body politic.
    First, it was Trump Derangement Syndrome — give it 40 years, TDS will be classified as some sort of mental disorder. I have never seen such an infantile display, both emotionally and intellectually, as I have in how some people react to Donald Trump. That’s the first disease.
    The reaction to that? That’s the second disease. I’ll call it Biden Derangement Syndrome. It’s when the Biden supporter ignores any point being made, in any way, that criticizes Joe Biden. Example: I agree that the U.S. had to leave Afghanistan. At least as a military presence. Leaving a military base or two to pump money into the local economy while keeping the Taliban less of a threat would probably have been a good idea and provided a very useful method of normalizing relations between the two countries. I criticize Joe Biden for the separate issue of the evacuation of Afghanistan, which made the Fall of Saigon look like Martha Stewart organizing a linen closet. And the TDS people trigger their BDS. The reactions are not just angry, not just illogical, not just dismissive. They’re minatory. And often irrelevant. But the Biden supporter simply shouts past you to defend every dumb thing Joe Biden has done.
    We no longer have a discourse. We just have echo chambers. And in a little over a month, Biden’s side will probably be faced with the reality that they are now on Team Lame Duck.

  • @falco do I understand correctly that you believe Joe Biden wanted this war in Ukraine to happen? I’d like to hear more about how you came to that conclusion.

  • @ted Yes Hunter is (or was?) a drug addict and all that comes with that. But why does that reflect poorly on Joe? Was it Joe’s responsibility to follow Hunter around and tell everyone that Hunter interacted with that Hunter’s claims of selling access to Joe were false? Was it Joe’s responsibility to tell Hunter that he couldn’t ever invite someone along when they met? If it were anyone but a close family member, Joe could have pushed Hunter away because of his bad behavior, but ….

  • Lee, you are such a simpleton “Not-See”.

  • @Glenn it is my hope that I can learn from your perspective. Would you provide the facts and logic that you use to come to your conclusions?

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