Obama’s Folksy History of the World

President Obama refers to both torturers and their victims as just plain “folks” in an effort to simultaenously be phony, inspid, and diminishing of the horrors inflicted by the United States government, an institution for which no single human being is as responsible.

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  • alex_the_tired
    August 7, 2014 8:44 AM


    I object strenuously to this disingenuous attack.

    Obama’s handlers roll up his sleeves to the elbow to show he’s one of us. Clearly your unbridled hatred of The One prevents you from being fair. What farmer of the people would keep his sleeves buttoned at the wrists like that?

    For. Shame.

  • That folksiness just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. If I enjoyed the franchise in the United States, I’d certainly vote for Mr Obama in 2016….

    What ! You say he can’t run, just when I was getting ready to vote for him ?!! That does seem a tad unfair – but on the other hand, Ms Clinton, at a quarter of a million bucks or so for a commencement speech, is pretty folksy as well, is she not ? Besides, apart from being skilled at dodging (non-existent) bullets at the Tusla aeroport, she also reportedly big on «obliterating» unpleasant countries – and what could be more folksy than that ?…


    • Oh, hell, if she’s going to obliterate unpleasant countries, I’m agonna havta pull up stakes. Henri? You’re in Scandinavia, right? They hiring?

      eh, I’m being facetious – congresscritters have been trying to obliterate my country for years & I’m still here. Wait … why is there a big black van in my driveway?

      • Well, CrazyH, I don’t know if they’re hiring here, what branch are you in ? But one thing is certain, you don’t have to worry about being obliterated by US bombs if you come to Sweden, a more obsequious vassal of the Evil Empire (since 1943 (when we switched from that other Evil Empire), as it says on the plaque outside the palace of the Foreign Ministry) would be hard to find….


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