Obama v. Perry: Debate One

What would a debate between Obama and Rick Perry look like?

7 thoughts on “Obama v. Perry: Debate One

  1. Unfortunately, as we’ve learned, low IQ does not equate to “unelectable.” Quite the contrary. Fox Noise loves to spin dumbness as earthy and populist. From what we’ve seen in Texas, Prick Perry’s handlers make very very sure he “shows” well enough to keep him from tripping over his dick. Most of the time.

  2. The debate would go like this: Both speaking at the same time: “Dude your just like me. We have nothing to debate, the country would be exactly the same with either one of us in power.” “Dude, stop copying me, dude, stop. Stop it now. Seriously.”

  3. Ted, they’re screwing up again – the Obama-Perry-debate cartoon for 21 September has now been replaced by the-SEC -arresting-Obama cartoon for 23 September. Can you get it fixed ?…


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