Now Let’s Find out If Nobody Can Become President

The best thing about America used to be that anyone could become president. And Donald Trump proved that to be true. Now Joe Biden is running. No platform, no public appearances. We are going to find out if no one can be elected president.

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  1. The classic saying, Ted, is that Roosevelt proved that one could be president as long as one wished, that Truman proved that anybody can be president, and that Eisenhower proved that the US didn’t need a president. What’s left to prove ?…


  2. I’ll be 80 soon. Voted for Dick Gregory in 1968 and McGovern in 1972. Voted for Obama in 2008. Would have declined to vote in 2012 but we lived in Dominica and the mail delays made absentee voting impossible – so much for democracy.

    Declined to vote in 2016. Now regret that.

    What are you trying to do? We must drive Bone Spurs from office. this year, vote BLUE no matter who! Then take to the streets to restore real choice democracy. That begins with ending the unregulated capitalism of the Koch Brothers and Party of Greed (GOP) that is changing the rules so as to make capitalism safe FROM democracy.

    Ted, stop helping Bone Spurs by trashing Joe Biden.

    • Noticed, AnsonDPantz, how you segued from «vot[ing] Blue no matter who» to «tak[ing]» to the streets to restore real choice democracy». Just the way that the Senator from DuPont is going to segue from his 36 years of loyal toil for capitalists like the Koch brothers in the US Senate to fighting to for «real choice democracy»….

      It’s going to take an hell of a lot of lipstick before that pig will fly….


      • «You can have fascism under Bone Spurs. I figure to be dead.» I fear you’re going to get fascism with or without Mr Trump. As for being dead, I suspect that you and I are of an age, so we can do it together…. 😉


  3. In part in reply to Henri: What’s left to prove?
    That the vast majority of the Left doesn’t really care about all these issues they talk about.
    Seriously. Look at the New York Times. Bari Weiss’s recent resignation letter/prep for the lawsuit she’s clearly gonna file, stated that the Times promotes “progressive” causes, The people who did everything but run an article titled, “Is Bernie Sanders the Zodiac Killer and a Wife-Beating Atheist?” are some bastion of progressivism? Only in LeftWorld could Weiss’s brand of unfettered delusion exist. Even the QAnons couldn’t keep up with Leftist self-delusion.
    The vast number of Leftists I’ve met are self-absorbed assholes. They talk about what others have to sacrifice (so that they can keep everything they have). Case in point? Ask a Leftist with excellent healthcare why he or she resists Universal Single-Payer? It’s always the same: “I’m not giving up my excellent plan. That’s not fair. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.”
    What’s left to prove? Not much. The Lefties have proven for decades that they can’t get anything done. Of course they can’t because so few of them actually care. They just like to feel good about their empty selves.

    • Apropos this matter, Alex, have you read the recent article by Matt Taibbi ? How long has it been since you’ve read an article in a so-called «Leftist» source in the US that talked about, e g, US imperialism, as your country’s government prepares to blow up the planet ? Here in Sweden, the party that I’ve hitherto always voted for – the descendents of the old Communist Party – now has become so full of «human rights» that it’s taken over the role of pointman in the ongoing campaign of Sinophobia in this country – «enormous evidence» Pompeo’s little helper ! Ou sont les neiges d’antan ?


      • I found the part about the teacher who let herself be shouted down by an imbecile quite telling. It’s what the left of center have done for decades. It’s what the middle class has been indoctrinated to do for four decades: Keep quiet, except for the barked statement of “Thank you, sir” as the 1% ram every inch all the way in.

        At least more people are catching on, but I honestly don’t know anymore whether to kick up my heels or slit my wrists.

        What a horrible time to be forced to live through. Trapped on a ball of rock with uncountable multitudes of jackasses, who now insist that every asinine utterance they make be treated with respect.

        Is it possible to will a heart attack?

    • My guess is that you equate the Democratic Party with the left, just as the big corporate media does.

      If you ever worked for a corporation that put out a newsletter for its employees you would have learned what corporate spin looks like, and its spin is not to the left at all.

      In fact, an employee of a corporation I once worked for put out an underground newsletter to counter the corporate newsletter spin, that I was privileged to see old copies of (well after its publisher was pushed out of his employment by its oligarchical owners).

      Corporations are dictatorships.

      Alex, you wouldn’t recognize a leftist if you saw one. But then, from what you said you probably never saw one. So maybe that’s why a Democrat still looks left to you, even when they present those attitudes you complain about.

      I knew a clown who claimed to be a revolutionary communist who ran his own insurance company without any sense of irony about himself really being a capitalist pig, except on weekends. And he was an old SDS member, too.

      Ignorance runs deep in the USA. It’s a tribute to our education (indoctrination) system

  4. Say what you will (and I WILL) about Joe (hey, where you going with those feet in your mouth?) Biden but he is NOT a political “nobody.” He’s had a long and “distinguished” career … by the standards of the horrific system he infected and helped to “evolve.” Ted has spelled this out in comprehensive, if (necessarily) grisly detail, in previous articles.

    J (hwygwtfiym?) B was in the senate for 36 years. Then, as VP choice he helped defined the quintessential political fraud that was Obumma … the one man (with able assistance!) Weimar republic.

    So J( …. ) B has been a “somebody” in US federal politics for 44 years. He ran for president in 1988 (and 2008). By the shit standards referred to, above, he’s “earned” his presumed nomination.

    Apparently his real appeal to the DNC brain-trust (and I use the term in seething contempt) is that he is the presidential candidate who will not present a “vicious, racist, misogynist, blithering, demented, decrepit geezer” gap in relation to his opponent.

    (Earlier I saw a headline saying that J ( … ) B had threatened Russia in an apparent attempt to excite the HRC contingent.)

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