Nothing to Worry about

Humanity seems absolutely determined not to do anything about the climate change crisis or the environment. But think about the bright side: rising oceans will resolve all sorts of issues that we actually pay attention to.

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  • alex_the_tired
    June 29, 2022 8:09 AM

    That it’s a life ring from the S.S. Minnow brought a (checks dictionary) smile to my face.
    How much longer before the mass migrations begin? Twenty years? Thirty? Those coastal cities will start to flood long before then. Panic’s infectious. Once the first few flee, the rate will just increase. The multiple diasporas will cause refugee camps. Those camps (poorly funded, with limited sanitation) will breed new disease strains. Pandemics will increase. The supply chain will break. Our highly complex and interconnected technological civilization will grind to a halt. Fingers crossed you don’t need insulin or electricity to stay alive.

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