Nothing to Worry About

Another day, another revelation about another NSA program. This time it’s about how the NSA can search every e-mail in America.

6 thoughts on “Nothing to Worry About

  1. Nude March for Privacy.

    If you have nothing to hide, then why are you wearing clothes?

    March for anal privacy from peering analysts and purges of anal listings.

  2. They just don’t seem to get it. Not only do I not trust our government to do–well–ANYTHING, I wouldn’t trust anyone with this kind of power. I wouldn’t even want it for myself! And even if that weren’t true, all this surveillance is outlawed by the FOURTH AMENDMENT OF THE US CONSTITUTION. You know, that document of which you are a lawyer, Obama?

  3. Are they doing this because people in the United States have now been prohibited from brushing their teeth by a new secret court ruling, making the use of oral swabs unhygienic – or is it simply due to an inordinate interest in the nether region on the part of those ANALysts ?…


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