Nice Idea, but How Does It Help Climate Change?

The COP27 climate change conference was supposed to come up with concrete solutions to global warming. Instead, developing nations shook down wealthy nations for compensation on the basis that the countries that contribute to climate change should pay for the damage to the developing world. All well and good, but how does this reverse climate change?

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  • alex_the_tired
    November 30, 2022 7:35 AM

    Fast forward to 30 or so years from now. The Third World will be so hot that people won’t be able to live there. As a result, hundreds of millions will die: end-stage capitalism’s equivalent of “accidentally” leaving the unwanted dog in the car with the windows up. The technology is now at the point where far fewer people are actually needed to make things run, certainly not swarms of low-skill laborers. Twitter was the proving example. Now the open secret is out: these techies are not just redundant in many cases, they’re also overpaid. Look to see their salaries implode. And that’s only the beginning. My big question: Which will be the first of the First World nations to shut down immigration completely and be honest about it? “We don’t need these people anymore. Let them go somewhere else.”

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