Neither Emperor Is Wearing Clothes

Both parties are so personally loyal to the current presidential nominees that they will support them no matter what they happen to do or say. In this case, both emperors have no clothes.

2 thoughts on “Neither Emperor Is Wearing Clothes

  1. The overwhelming majority of Americans are in complete agreement: of our last two presidents, one was one of the best, if not the best, and one was one of the worst, if not the worst.
    However, that majority is divided into two groups who deeply disagree about which was which.
    But it seems nothing and nobody, certainly not a young boy, could convince them that their candidate is really buck naked.

  2. Nor are the vice emperors.
    I watched Kamala Harris last night practically drown a seagull in oil by vowing that Joe, um, Biden was not going to ban fracking. Good-bye to the progressive vote.
    Then I watched her ram the other foot down her throat by explaining how Joe Biden’s student loan plan would deduct a whole $10,000 from every student. If the average loan balance is $50,000 at 4%, with a $300 monthly payment, that 20 years of payments is reduced to a mere 15 thanks to Unca Joe’s largesse. (As the principle increases, the amount of time saved decreases. At $100K, it’s about 3 years difference.) Good-bye to all the people who have student loans voting for you.

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