Need Extra Cash? Blackmail Donald Trump. He’ll Pay.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen dished on the president in testimony before Congress. There were many tasty revelations, like the one that Trump didn’t want his college transcripts released. Personally I went for the useful one: if you’re ever short of cash you can blackmail the billionaire even for the sins he hasn’t committed. A most interesting form of economic stimulus.

9 thoughts on “Need Extra Cash? Blackmail Donald Trump. He’ll Pay.

  1. The most useful revelation, in terms of the ultimate reason Cohen was testifying at all, was that he had NO EVIDENCE to indicate that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Kremlin effort to meddle in the 2016 election. But he did say he suspected that it may be the case … presumably a Trumpian cynical ploy to try to lessen his upcoming prison sentence.

    • > with the Kremlin effort to meddle in the 2016 election.

      …wait … WHAT? Are you actually admitting that they made the effort? I thought that only Hillary-loving russophobic McCarthyites believed that!

      > he had NO EVIDENCE

      Well sure, so long as you ignore little details like the Moscow Project and the email he got from Felix Sater, “I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected,” … “I know how to play it and we will get this done. Buddy our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putin’s team to buy in on this”

      Of course, he was also present at the meeting where DJTJR tried to sell the president’s favors.

      Nope, no evidence there, nothing to see here, move along …

      • To CrazyH:

        Re: Kremlin/2016. I was giving you Cohen’s testimony. As I suggested, he assumes meddling, as do you. Your pin-headed effort to make an issue from nothing is truly pathetic.

        But, what IF there WERE incontrovertible proof that the Kremlin DID try to meddle in the 2016 election — but WITHOUT Trump collusion (as Cohen has testified)?

        What would you patriotic, (a little-too-late) defenders of (the essentially zero remnants of) ‘Murkin “Democracy” then prescribe: extradite RTP (Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin ©) on election fraud charges? As Glen points out below, the trial could be bundled with that of HRC/DNC. Or, perhaps, Pelosi would delay a vote on impeachment *** until His Hairness engaged and prevailed in war against Russia that she gets the House to order?

        The “he” of your Slater-email riff was Cohen, therefore, its irrelevance to your (plural) obsession was covered in Cohen’s blanket denial of collusion with any ALLEGED Kremlin collusion.

        Next “witness”!

      • ahhh, falco – you’re always good for a laugh. Your insults might sting if you weren’t blatantly contradicting yourself.

        > But, what IF there WERE incontrovertible proof that the Kremlin DID try to meddle in the 2016 election — but WITHOUT Trump collusion

        Then it would be a much, much, smaller thing … duh? Someone with the memory god promised a goldfish might recall that I have repeatedly said that the important question is whether Trump was in on it. Maybe you should get a goldfish.

        > (as Cohen has testified)?

        and then you could ask the goldfish to re-read your own post. He testified he had no evidence, but he did have suspicions. Which is an altogether different thing than testifying that there was no collusion.

        > The “he” of your Slater-email riff was Cohen,

        Very good, goldfish. That’s right! The email was to Cohen. He “had” it. It is “evidence” ergo, Cohen “had evidence.” Do try to keep up, the rest of the goldfish are getting bored.

        > its irrelevance to your (plural) obsession

        “My” obsession? Might I point out that you are the one who initiated this off-topic thread? I merely responded, (as usual.)

    • Hillary got caught (in emails on her insecure email server) using the 2016 Democratic primary elections as a non-binding referendum, so instead of dealing with the content of that revelation of the D-mob’s fix against Bernie Sanders, she used the magicians trick of diversion to pin the results of her criminal use of her insecure email system (which she wanted Edward Snowden prosecuted and jailed for) on Putin.

      Of course she hates Putin, the evils doer who prevented her coup in Ukraine from taking Crimea too.

      • You’re conflating three different things, the leaked emails didn’t come from Hillary’s server – they came from the DNC offices, and even Hillary hasn’t tried to pin it on Snowden.

        But in another of Consigliori Cohen’s revelations, we heard that Trump knew about the leak beforehand. Doesn’t prove the Dastardly Russians™ were behind it, but it does show that Duh Don was in on some international dirty dealings.

  2. I notice an interesting trend. Trump doesn’t want his college transcripts released. Why not? Seriously, think about that for a minute. He doesn’t want them withheld because he’s afraid people will find out he got all A’s. Even among people who shit on education, a 4.0 is not a disqualification. “See? Trump is the smartest person in the room.”
    So his grades must be mediocre. Maybe something in the high 2.x range. Exactly what you’d expect of someone who did meh work because he had no skin in the game.
    Most dictators and fascist types doctor their narratives in some fantastical way. So Dictator X isn’t born in a village and didn’t go to school. He emerges from the womb able to speak three languages and is a gourmet cook who can wrestle tigers. Putin does this sort of thing. So does Kim il-un. So Trump doesn’t want his crappy grades released because they show he isn’t godlike.
    Then comes the whole lifestyles of the hyperaffluent thing. Putin sleeps on a bed the size of basketball court. Trump wipes ass with only the finest silk. Every meal is made from the purest ingredients, etc.
    And here’s the interesting part. The same type of behavior is exhibited by the parents of college students. If Tyler or Molly doesn’t get a 4.0, mom and dad are right there, hassling the TA (who has no job security). If Cayden or Baxter need a fourth-floor walkup in Williamsburg at $4,000 a month, that’s what they get. How? Mama and Papa get a raise. How? They lay off a few lower level employees in their department. Hunter and Willow need to eat vegan ultraorganic peaches flown in by FedEx from the other side of the world. Why? Because spending $10 on a cup of hipster coffee while you vape like a douche isn’t behavior that emerges on its own. You’re going to have to learn to be that sort of an asshole in the crib.
    And a lot of those millennials have that sort of mindset, too. Passed on down from their greedy, win at all costs parents who taught them it isn’t just okay to step over everyone to get ahead, it’s what makes America exceptional.
    It isn’t just Trump that’s a foaming-at-the-mouth egotist. A while lot of other people in the u.s. are too.

    • To CrazyH:

      Yeah, ha ha ha.

      In case you’ve forgotten, the fucking jerkwad
      WJ Clinton got himself impeached for HIS sex.
      And the entire country then paid …

      The impeachment was critical in getting out the GOP voters to put Bush, the Severely Impaired, within range of stealing the 2000 election with no mean amount of domestic meddling and corruption.

      Got one on ol’ Orange head, did ya?
      Yeah, very funny.

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