Nanny Journalism

Social media erupted with outrage after some journalists repeated details from the coroner’s report on Robin Williams’ suicide. It seems that many people didn’t want to hear the unpleasant details…er; reality.

7 thoughts on “Nanny Journalism

  1. But you see, Ted, discussion about whether it was ethical or not to publish the details of Mr Williams’ suicide serve exactly the same purpose as publishing the details – they both distract attention from the really unpleasant things that are going on, paid for by your tax money….


    • @ Henri –
      I think that was the point of the ‘toon – with the logical extension that soon “news” won’t be news at all, but fantasies. (Or have we reached that goal already?)

      • I suspect, mein verehrter Lehrer, that we have – indeed, quite some time ago….


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