Mutual Assured Governance

One year ago, Congressional Democrats and Republicans put into motion a time-bomb that would force them to come to terms over the federal budget: “the fiscal cliff” of across-the-board federal budget cuts, harsh austerity, just when the economy might be starting to recover.

9 thoughts on “Mutual Assured Governance

  1. Yep — there’s that Obama leadership. Remember the days when we’d hear about how Obama was an 11-dimensional chess player? Yeah, we don’t hear that too much any more.

  2. Wouldn’t work- the Republcians would rather see the country destroyed then govern responsibly.

    The only way to make progress is to get them out of power. And I’ve told you how to do that, repeatedly.

    Kudos though, cause the cartoon is funny!

  3. Agree with Whimsi, Republicans are just fine with ending life on this planet as long as they can blame a black guy. The only aspect about this that is about Obama is that he’s black and Congress doesn’t think they have to take him seriously, thus we get increasingly shameful government…..At least state budgets for higher ed in Wisconsin just went up…so . . . I’m good….suckers…

  4. The Idiot Whimsical … right on time.

    “Just for for Democrats …. and watch the magic happen! It’s so magical! Just vote Democrat and all will be well. Now kick your heels three times, and kiss Obama’s greasy anus.”

    As noted, The Idiot Whimsical … right on time. Dumb as a rock. Same old, same old.

  5. Ted,

    What’s not to understand about the sequester? The Republicans block legislation, the Democrats wring their hands and then mumble soft little nothings about the situation.

    The sequester, which will eventually be blamed entirely on the Dems (the Reps will say it’s so, and the Dems will dislocate their necks nodding their heads in agreement), will be the newest distraction from all the real problems.

    Let’s put it simply. Obama is not the king. He’s not some sole dictator who’s lightest whim is instantly absolute law. But he also fails tremendously in significant ways to represent theoretical ideals of the party he is supposed to represent. Look at Bradley Manning. Look at Gitmo. Look at all the people killed by the secret drone program.

    Obama will tell us “folks” that he’s doing everything he can. Then he’ll make the 20-foot putt. I’m sure George W. Bush will be impressed.

  6. exkiodokian has it right, 11 dimensional chess, I tend to think our boy Barry would have trouble playing one dimensional chess. You’re negotiating with people who want nothing but cuts, so the sword of Damocles you put over their heads is a package of, wait for it, nothing but cuts. I can’t help but think of Brer Rabbit – “Please, please, whatever you do, don’t throw me into that briar patch.”

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