Muscle Memory

California police continue to abuse minorities and others in their sights. Since the LA Times fired me at the behest of the LAPD, however, there is no longer commentary directed against them in cartoon form in the LA Times. This is, of course, exactly what the LAPD wanted.

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  • “Here’s your driver’s license back.”
    CRASH!!! (as it hits the ground)

  • Not to worry, Ted ; surely the LA Times will continue its long tradition of hard-hitting articles about police brutality even after it has fired you….


  • By the way, Ted, after seeing the footage in the this video published in the International Business Times (, I’d say you have to count yourself lucky that your driving license was the only thing that hit the ground with a crash when you were arrested for that major felony known as jaywalking. Had you been young and black, the cops would most likely not have let you off so easily….


    • I watched that video. I am totally embarrassed and ashamed that the United States of America has come to this. 🙁

      • Hopefully Ms Stein will pardon me if I paraphrase : A police state is a police state is a police state is a police state….

        Good to see, at any rate, that the cops know how to protect their own – eight constables sent to protect that poor officer endangered by that cowering boy ! Get there firstest with the mostest in real, everyday life….


      • One has to wonder, though, how many REAL crimes were being perpetrated while these other eight were away from their regularly scheduled rounds, huh? Oh, well — priorities must eradicate jaywalking at all costs.

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