Membership Has Its Privileges

Robert Mueller refused to cooperate with Congress. And they thanked him for it. Why do elites like him get away with refusing to answer questions under oath?

4 thoughts on “Membership Has Its Privileges

  1. Why do elites like him [i e, Robert Swan Mueller] get away with refusing to answer questions under oath?

    Excellent question, Ted – but perhaps not entirely relevant to the cartoon above ?…


  2. My guess? I think Mueller’s testimony might lead, unavoidably, to an admission of something that would reveal (or re-reveal) Clinton Complicity. You don’t have to be a conspiracy fanatic to realize that the Clinton Foundation was little more than a pay-to-play money-laundering setup. Ditto, the 2016 primaries were rigged to such an extent that, were it all to come out at once, even the corrupted media (like George Stephanopoulos, who gave $75K to the aforementioned Foundation) would have to finally indict Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, and Hillary Clinton (the war criminal would learned so much at Kissinger’s blood soaked-knee) for subverting the entire process.
    No one’s gonna push him too much because he might, despite doing dirty deed for both sides over the years, actually have a conscience and point out that all the things Trump’s being accused of have been done in similar depth and frequency by dems and other Re publicans.
    But that’s just a guess.

  3. “Why do elites like him get away with refusing to answer questions under oath?”

    Because Democrats play Weak Sister to Big Brother Republicans.

    Democrats know:

    1) Not to challenge Republicans when they limit questioning to contents of the Report;

    2) not to demand a Democratic Party president’s Constitutional right to appoint a new justice to the Supreme Court if it might displease Republicans to do so.

    But Democrats are very tough on their supporters in restricting their use of primary elections to being non-binding referendums.

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