Here’s How The Next Miss America Will Be Chosen

The world of sexual objectification suffered a devastating setback with the news that the Miss America pageant has scrapped its famous swimsuit competition. No longer, says a female spokesperson, will contestants be judged on their physical appearance. So what will they be judged upon?

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      • At you and Ch, being kind of like that split Kirk, make up a whole member.
        Um. most likely in all ways.

    • Fuck me FrancoSvensk slime humper you can’t even find a relevant quote from the entertainment industry to make one laugh.

      Cheech and Chong used this one about three decades ago
      “and we must make sure that you do not appear here again.
      Bailiff, whack his pee-pee!
      Get your hands off me! I warn you, stupid!
      Bailiff, call the next case please.”

      Worst of all Brazillian Miss BumBum ends this year. No more Miss BumBum.
      Wait we are saved
      “THE world’s most famous booty pageant, Brazil’s Miss BumBum is ending — but don’t worry, we’re preserving the cheeky idea for posterior-ity.
      The Sun on Sunday is launching Miss Sun Bum to find Britain’s best bottom.”

  1. Who will watch? What is wrong with wanting to see a beautiful woman in a bikini?

    Beauty is an important asset and it should be rewarded.

    Ugly women drive the feminist movement.

    • All women are the same in the dark.
      And a number of men as well.
      Can you REALLY tell what resides on the other side of the glory hole?

      “Ugly women drive the feminist movement.”
      Dude that is so wrong.
      Ugly women are more caring and giving because they can’t get the full ride on their looks.
      As someone once said about beautiful women ” Someone is tired of their shit”.

      From one of my favorite films Beautiful girls, Rosie O’Donnell is Gina The film also features a young Natalie Portman predicting “Marty : I might just grow to be five-ten. I’ll be hot.”

      “Gina: I’m finished speaking to both of you okay? You’re both fucking insane. You want to know what your problem is? MTV, Playboy, and Madison fucking Avenue. Yes. Let me explain something to you, ok? Girls with big tits have big asses. Girls with little tits have little asses. That’s the way it goes. God doesn’t fuck around; he’s a fair guy. He gave the fatties big, beautiful tits and the skinnies little tiny niddlers. It’s not my rule. If you don’t like it, call him. Hey Mitch. Thank you.

      [Looking at a porn magazine]

      Gina: Oh, guys, look what we have here. Look at this, your favorite. Oh, you like that?

      Tommy: I could go along with that.

      Gina: Yeah, that’s nice right? Well, it doesn’t exist ok. Look at the hair. The hair is long, it’s flowing, it’s like a river. Well, it’s a fucking weave ok? And the tits, please! I could hang my overcoat on them. Tits by design were invented to be suckled by babies. Yes, they’re purely functional. These are silicon city. And look, my favorite, the shaved pubis. Pubic hair being too unruly and all. Very key. This is a mockery, this is a sham, this is bullshit. Implants, collagen, plastic, capped teeth, the fat sucked out, the hair extended, the nose fixed, the bush shaved… These are not real women, all right? They’re beauty freaks. And they make all us normal women with our wrinkles, our puckered boobs, hi bob, and our cellulite feel somehow inadequate. Well I don’t buy it, all right? But you fucking mooks, if you think that if there’s a chance in hell that you’ll end up with one of these women, you don’t give us real women anything approaching a commitment. It’s pathetic. I don’t know what you think you’re going to do. You’re going to end up eighty-years old, drooling in some nursing home, then you’re going to decide, it’s time to settle down, get married, have kids? What, are you going to find a cheerleader? Charge it Mitch.

      Tommy: I think you’re over simplifying.

      Gina: Oh eat me. Look at Paul. With his models on the wall, his dog named Elle McPherson. He’s insane. He’s obsessed. You’re all obsessed. If you had an once of self-esteem, of self-worth, of self-confidence, you would realize that as trite as it may sound, beauty is truly skin-deep. And you know what, if you ever did hook one of those girls, I guarantee you’d be sick of her.

      Tommy: Yeah, I suppose I’d get sick of her after about, what, twenty or thirty years?

      Gina: Get over yourself. Thank you Mitch. Say hello to Gertrude.

      Tommy: What?

      Gina: No mater how perfect the nipple, how supple the thigh, unless there is some other shit going on in the relationship, besides the physical, it’s going to get old, ok? And you guys, as a gender, have got to get a grip. Otherwise, the future of the human race is in jeopardy.

      Willie Conway: What was that?

      Tommy: I don’t know, but a great ass.

      Willie Conway: Nice tits. Come on let’s go.
      6 of 6 found this interesting |”

      • With an ugly woman, the room would have to be dark.

        With a beautiful woman, the lights could stay on.

      • American Teacher
        Same with the Ladyboys right?

        Offhand how many years does it take for a non-rich “beautiful” woman to become an ugly lights off one?
        You may Google around for how makeup can turn plain women into beautiful ones.
        If you got the bucks it’s surgery and makeup.
        I’m pretty tired of the shallow society that is attractiveness driven.
        “Pretty” people don’t go to jail and when they get sentenced they receive less time.
        Talk about fucking bias.
        Pretty women can manipulate the male, and I suppose female, mind into spending more money on purchases.
        It’s all smoke and mirrors.
        Give me a functional woman over a beautiful one any day. One who can manage a budget, do home repairs, garden, cook a meal and you can have an intelligent conversation with.
        Not a phone staring self-absorbed with looks chick who will be past her sell by date within a year or two.
        Better yet ask any once attractive middle-aged woman who’s husband left her for the younger version how she feels about being “beautiful” once upon a time.

  2. Thank god the Toronto Sun still puts out Sunshine Girls. I do miss the days o Asian girls showing nipple and camel toe.
    Luckily porn may Google any type of porn one chooses.
    I do feel sad for the Eastern European and Asian girls forced into the sex industry.
    But then again fuck it I’m an American.

  3. Like the tree falling in the woods. If a long running beauty show eliminates the beauty competition, and no one watches; did they really eliminate it?

    The Miss America stereotypes are locked into place, and they will outlive the contest.

    • Rakle2
      “The Miss America stereotypes are locked into place, and they will outlive the contest.”

      White male concepts of beauty will remain is what you meant.
      White women have the flattest asses in the world.
      Yet that is considered attractive.
      Most models look like little boys because designers are Gay.

      Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is.
      Mae West

      • @wiz

        European women are the most beautiful women in the world. It’s not a white male standard. It’s a fact. That’s why all other groups want a white woman. They are the prize.

        Fat asses are just meant for bouncing up and down. And Asian women have flapjacks for breasts.

      • “European women are the most beautiful women in the world”

        Can you be more full of shit.
        One of the things about 4k tv is the DETAIL. Most Caucasian women have noticeable peach fuzz.
        Asian women have near FLAWLESS skin.
        Many Caucasian women have large pores. Asian women are smooth.
        Black, Brown, Red women don’t have the peach fuzz either.
        Doesn’t really matter though I watch more than my fair share of shit from damn near everywhere in the world. Beautiful women abound whether they be Black, White, Brown, Yellow or Red.

      • @Wiz

        I may be full of shit, but you have bad taste.

        Asian women are short, no curves, sallow skin. They all have the same color hair and eyes and can they even see out of those eyes?

        But white men go for them because Asian women are trained to look at white men as gods, that is, of course, until they get their white baby and stop treating the white man as a god. Then they become harpies.

      • American Teacher

        Like the pecker don’t rise when you see some hot woman of color in tight shorts and nipples through the shirt.
        I see you are attempting to refine the script by adding overt racism.
        Sadly it lacks nuance.

      • @Wizard

        There is a difference between hot and beautiful. The pecker rises at what the psyche knows is not beautiful.

      • Hey, Awesome Teacher? Didja know Asian women have horizontal slits? Not to mention vagina dentata?

        pffft. Big boobs are only sexy when corralled by bras and displayed in the proper setting. When she lies on her back, her nipples are in her armpits. That is not sexy in the least.

        Give me perky, bouncy, Asian titties any day. Soft brown eyes in favor of blue-tinted contacts and fine black hair instead of bleached-blonde haystacks.

      • Hey, Crazy

        Sounds like you’ve got a case of yellow fever. You are one deviant, not to prefer your own kind.

        And your anti-white affliction extends to your sexual desires, to the point where you disparage your own women and coo over the foreign. (So much for that idea of yours, that all races are equal.)

      • At see how poorly your script is written. Hell a Bible thumping conservative doesn’t even know these quotes

        Timothy 2:9-10
        9 I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes, 10 but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God.
        Samuel 16:7
        7 But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”
        Proverbs 31:30
        30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
        Peter 3:3-4
        3 Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. 4 Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight

      • @wiz

        The letters of Saint Paul do not reflect the teachings of Christ.

        Jesus threw out the Torah. He didn’t like a lot of rules. And the God of the Old Testament is markedly different from that of the new.

      • > And the God of the Old Testament is markedly different from that of the new.

        Correct, yet without the Old Testament Jesus was merely an itinerant Rabbi instead of a demigod. No miracles, no resurrection on Easter, just a long-haired Jewish liberal who got nailed up when he pissed off the local authorities.

        Given the change in management, it’s funny how supposed Christians take more from Leviticus than from Jesus’ own teachings.

        Funnier still is how they can believe such a mass of blatant contradictions. Do I stone wanton women or not? Given that I can burn in hell for ever and ever if I get it wrong, doncha think Jehovah coulda been a little more clear? How often does the eternal and everlasting supreme being change His mind, anyway? Let’s say you die on a Friday, god changes His mind over the weekend and you come up for Judgment on Monday. Do you get Judged by the old rules or the new ones?

      • “Given that I can burn in hell for ever and ever if I get it wrong”


        That’s not the case. Something like a thousand years after the second coming then everyone in hell is released.

        Nice to see the scripts aligning. At least you both are on the same topic and no more cake fuckwittery.

      • @CH

        “Funny, how supposed Christians take more from Leviticus than from Jesus’ own teachings.”

        Funny, that’s like saying all Muslims are jihadis.

        Funny, anti-Christian bigotry is acceptable.


      • > Funny, anti-Christian bigotry is acceptable.

        The reason I have to keep repeating myself is that you seem to have a learning disorder. Once again: fighting bigotry is the *exact* OPPOSITE of practicing bigotry. They are *different* things. Not the same. Contrasting. Disparate. One of these things is not like the other. Maybe you should take notes so I don’t have to keep repeating the lesson.

        You personally, pay more attention to Leviticus than Jesus’ own teachings. You are a perfect example of a ‘supposed Christian.’ The only problem I have with real Christians is that they’re so rare.

      • @Crazy One

        Substitute the word ‘muslim’ for Christian and you would go nuclear.

        ‘Real’ muslims are not rare, of course. Ditto for Jews.

        It is only Christians who are rare. And that is not bigotry.

      • Wrong again, Coach.

        The Qur’an repeatedly sanctions those who create disorder and violence; and establishes rules of war which prohibit harming women and children. Those Muslims who practice otherwise would then not be “true” Muslims any more than you’re a true Christian.

        The Old Testament, on the other hand, glorifies rape and murder, even that of women and children. Kind of hard to reconcile with Jesus’ words, but them’s the facts.

        In practice, ALL of the Abrahamic religions have been used to justify hatred and violence, even as they ALL have writings condemning such behavior.

      • @ch

        Well, the OT is the book of God’s chosen, isn’t it?

        The real point is that you are scathing in your criticism of every tradition into which you were born and almost worshipful in your admiration for everything not of your heritage.

        Let me recommend an honorable foreign tradition: seppuku.

      • Wrong again Coach.

        I am scathing in my criticism of every tradition which harms others. That’s it. No mystery, no mysticism, no arbitrary distinctions based on superficial differences.

        You keep repeating yourself, specifically in the words you keep trying to put in my mouth. I don’t hate white people. I don’t hate America.

        I can only assume that you have difficulty understanding anything other than a simplistic black-vs-white worldview more suitable for comic book than real life.

        I pity you.

      • @CH

        Words can be twisted any way you please.

        Pity me? Oh, no. I’m upset. Some unemployed bum living off the largesse of my country pities me.

        I don’t pity you. I hate you. When the revolution that Ted preaches comes I shall watch your reeducation with glory in my heart.

      • Actually, I’m living off my IRA & my pension.

        If you want to see a bum living off the country’s largess, just look in any mirror. Taxes pay for your oversized & unearned salary.

        Get a real job, DO it for a change, then we can compare work ethics.

  4. So… business suits for the Mr. Universe pageant? Maybe they’ll have a speech competition instead of flexing?

    “Da, I pump iron all day. Pump good. World peace good. Tank you.”

    • CrazyH

      Funny you mock Arnold who rose from nothing became a successful Bodybuilder, actually revolutionizing and revitalizing the sport, actor, and politician. He even married a Kennedy.
      I notice you mock Trump as well.
      Your scripting tends to deny the successful their achievements.
      Strikes me your writer has a weak ego and hates those who achieve success.
      On the Schizo side he also writes AT who never actually speaks Conservatively nor biblically.
      Too much acid maybe?

    • As long as we are going there, female bodybuilders and fitness types have their own competitions. Mostly with very little clothing.
      Much more interesting competitions.
      And it isn’t like the track and field types wear Burkas, nor the swimmers.
      Fuck, forgot Gymnasts, but they tend to be young so may be there is a line there which should not be crossed.
      Where do skaters fall on that spectrum?
      Goddammit! Now I have to question how pervy it is to watch various olympic events because some women are younger than others!

    • : sigh :

      Yes, whiz, the Austrian-accented body builder has become such a meme that you can’t even decide who it is I’m mocking.

      I do pick on Ah-node, but then I also admire him greatly. He *is* a self-made man, unlike Trump who is neither. I do Arnolds as part of my workout routine. I’ve got all his movies, and am still hoping that he’ll actually learn to act some day.

      Back to competitions, yes, female body-builders wear clothing designed to show off that body: that’s the whole point. But take a look at the difference between M & F gymnasts’ and skaters’ outfits. Why do women need to show more flesh than men in a competition that isn’t specifically about bodies? I”m sure that straight women & gay men in the audience would like a peek at the men’s finely chiseled butts as well.

      • Ch
        Good god why actually OWN an Arnold film!
        Maybe Conan.
        Dolf Lundgren is should be admired.Masters Degree, Kyokushin karate champ, dated Grace Jones. So on.
        Danny Trejo is another. He was a heroin addict at 12, was ion and off in prison until 25.
        Has appeared in over 70 films. Owns a number of businesses valued around $100 million.
        And hires “second chancers”.
        Many bodybuilders live off sugar daddy gay men.
        Standards are pretty fucked up, topless men on regular tv yet barely even an under shirt nipple to be seen.
        Z Nation uses a lot of undershirt nipple and camel toe to draw the male viewers attention.
        While I’m at it watch pupils on various actors. The majority seem to be dime sized or greater. Wonder what they are on?

      • Franco Columbu, my bad on the spelling, for Vitalis Superhold. ” The pump, the pump.” Was the marketing buzzword.

      • What Arnold film is rewatchable other than maybe Conan and original Terminator or Predator? Pumping Iron is a group effort.
        Maybe The Villian.
        They all pretty much sucked and the Phillip K. Dick conversions are best read.
        Rent, watch, return.

  5. I just noticed how anti-feminist the toon seems to be.

    Why are so few women publishing scientific papers? It is a question that has been posed by New Scientist magazine, as it reports that in medicine, female authorship of scientific papers has started to go backwards. Since 2009, the proportion of women as lead authors has gone down.

    Findings such as these usually provoke a cry of “We need more women in science!” and organisations wheel out a spokesperson to explain that girls should be encouraged to study science at university. The Welsh government, for example, celebrated International Women’s Day this way.

    But while this is a fantastic way to persuade science funding bodies to reach into their pockets, it just doesn’t fit with the evidence. The quiet truth is this: women are doing science. And not only “more women than ever before”, as the New Scientist puts it. In fact, in lots of scientific disciplines women outnumber men.

    Don’t believe me? Recent data from the UK’s Higher Education Statistics Agency (although not available online, I requested the gender breakdown from its press office) shows that 69% of students studying medical technology-related degrees are women, as are 86% of those studying degrees in polymers. A whopping 77% of students studying veterinary science are female. The figure for psychology is even higher at 79%. The majority of students studying degrees in anthropology (72%); ophthalmics (69%); anatomy, physiology and pathology (64%); zoology (63%); forensic and archaeological sciences (61%); and pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacy (61%) are female.

    More women than men study clinical dentistry (59%); clinical medicine (55%); biology (58%); molecular biology, biophysics and biochemistry (54%); archaeology (56%); and “agriculture and related subjects” (67%). The story is the same in subjects such as genetics (57%) and microbiology (56%). For programmes classed as “broadly based programmes in medicine and dentistry”, the percentage of female students is even higher, at 76%. There may be more women studying full-time degrees across the board (54%), but there is still an undeniably strong female bias in science subjects.

    If there are so many women studying medical subjects, how do we explain the sudden decline in female authorship in medical journals since 2009?

    This is unlikely to be simply about the number of women studying medicine. Women have accounted for more than half of all new medical students since the 1990s. Today, even at postgraduate level, 64% of students studying medical and dentistry subjects are female.

    Instead of discussing gender bias, the New Scientist blames the “choice” to have a family. It points to a study in this month’s American Economic Review that shows women incurring earnings penalties in science if they have children. A recent House of Commons science and technology committee report goes into more detail, saying that scientific research careers are dominated by short-term contracts with poor job security – at the very time of life that women need to have children (if they want them). The female postdoctoral scientist faces difficult decisions while stuck on fixed-term contracts before tenure, with very little in the way of institutional support. Women should not have to choose between career and family, says the science magazine. But surely male scientists face similar choices?

    Apparently not. European social science research shows that male and female scientists often have different types of partners: male scientists more frequently have a stay-at-home partner looking after the children, while female scientists are more likely to have another scientist as a spouse. So male scientists might not need family-friendly working practices to have a successful career but female scientists do. Hence the loss of women in the “leaky pipeline” of scientific careers. And that is to say nothing of the research that found scientists perceived job applicants to be less competent when they had female names.

    Does this matter? It does. Male-dominated science and technology allowed women to be killed by first-generation car airbags at speeds of only 20mph, because engineers did not foresee that breasts close to the wheel could push airbags up towards the neck. And as Naomi Wolf pointed out in her book Promiscuities: A Secret History of Female Desire, over the centuries anatomists forgot about and “re-discovered” the clitoris at least six times before the scientist Helen O’Connell stepped in…


      Women in science groups have been drawing attention to sexism and the underrepresentation of women since the 1970s, but I didn’t really take notice until 2005, when Lawrence Summers—the president of Harvard University at the time—postulated that women lack “intrinsic aptitude” in science and engineering. I was a sophomore at Harvard that year: 19 years old and steeped enough in science culture to laugh off his comments at first. After all, they felt like a voicing of the tacit undercurrent of all my classes and lab experiences, just a few more in a series of insensitive comments to be borne and silently proved wrong by working harder.

      So I was surprised, and then cautiously excited, at the outrage his comments generated and the think pieces and statistics that were published in response. Change felt possible, and when Tim Hunt made misogynistic remarks last year about women working in labs, there was immediate response and immediate outcry.

      But, just a few months ago, my lab mate told a group of us that he was not invested in teaching his female summer student about how bonds between atoms exist in physical space. He said that she’s having trouble grasping the concept because women have inferior spatiotemporal skills. Everyone nodded along, and I, the only woman in the room, waited a little for someone to say something about this pronouncement—until the silence became unbearable. I mounted an angry, indignant response and found myself wondering what the past decade of women in science advocacy has really changed.

      Labs remain deeply misogynistic spaces. Not all labs, and not all to the same extent, but it only takes a quick poll of my friends for the stories of everyday sexism to come out: the lab that employs women, but only as administrative staff members and technicians who are expected to clean up after everyone else; my former lab mate, who is often the only woman at a meeting and is volunteered to take notes every time; the friend in my program whose adviser asks her to work on a poster’s color scheme. This is the kind of undervalued work women find themselves having to do, leaving others time to do more experiments, engage during meetings, and think critically about their science.

      I have plenty of my own stories as well. My male lab mate overhears my conversations and later sends me emails “mansplaining” my own research to me. A seminar speaker puts up a slide showing the molecular structures of different kinds of phospholipids and snickers at the ones with tails that are upside-down “V”s. “Those are the ones I call women,” he says. “Don’t they look like their legs are splayed?” The room guffaws. When I incredulously bring it up to a friend, I am told that I’m being too sensitive and that “it was only a joke.” That time I’m eating lunch in the conference room with my lab mates when the statistic that 1 in 4 college women experience sexual assault comes up. The men at the table immediately erupt into disbelief. “There’s no way that statistic is true. What does the study define as rape? There are four of us at this table right now—are you saying that one of us is a rapist?” My lab mate turns casually to my female summer student and says, “Hey, you’re in college. Have you ever been raped?”

      I am constantly livid.

      • @EvilWizardGlick

        > I am constantly livid.

        You’ve reason. I was in a 400 level Heat Transfer class, and the prof was lecturing about ‘intimate contact’ (Not that kind – the heat transfer kind)

        When he came up with “You girls should pay attention to this…” – JFC! I was working my way through school as a restaurant cook. I knew that pressing down on a burger would make it fry faster, I assume any women in class who were competent cooks already knew that as well. But this A-Hole had to try to make something of it.

        Forty years later, and it still pisses me off. I’ve worked with many highly competent female engineers. Just because men have a greater predilection for spatial reasoning in general does not mean that any one particular woman is going to be bad at it. Same for math – the world’s record for highest IQ goes to Marylin vos Savant, a mathematician.

        In general, women learn languages easier than men. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of very fine male linguists out there.

        Every, single, person on this planet should be judged solely on their own actions. Not the groups of which they are members: their own actions.

        Just because some white men have done some cool stuff doesn’t entitle all white men to shit on everyone else. Many white men are thoroughly incompetent at their jobs, and need to grasp at straws to make themselves feel valued.

        “I’m a white male! I’m superior! Aren’t I? Please say I’m superior or I’ll throw a hissy fit. Please! Please! Please!”

        No, jackass – the very fact that you need to cling to other people’s accomplishments shows that you are an inferior specimen. Do something on your own if you want to feel proud.

      • @Crazy Bud,

        What do you want to do, take us back thousands of years, to pre-Aristotelian times? Classification is the foundation of science. No real scientist makes a judgment based on a demographic of one.

        And as for lady engineers, look at that great bridge that a group of them built down in Florida.

      • CrazyH

        What bothers me is even most professional women can not name three female scientists.
        Some can’t even name Madame Curie.
        I’ll even give them Anna Freud, even though she is not hard science.
        Then we have Hedy Lamar “Lamarr is also credited with being an inventor. At the beginning of World War II, she and composer George Antheil developed a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes, which used spread spectrum and frequency hopping technology to defeat the threat of jamming by the Axis powers.[5] Although the US Navy did not adopt the technology until the 1960s, the principles of their work are arguably incorporated into Bluetooth technology, and are similar to methods used in legacy versions of CDMA and Wi-Fi.[6][7][8] This work led to their induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2014.[5][9]”.
        Einstein’s wife Mileva Marić “The question whether (and if so, to what extent) Marić contributed to Einstein’s early work, and to the Annus Mirabilis Papers in particular, is the subject of debate. Many professional historians of physics argue that she made no significant scientific contribution,[11] while others suggest that she was a supportive companion in science and may have helped him materially in his research.[12][13] The couple’s first son, Hans Albert, said that when his mother married Einstein, she gave up her scientific ambitions.[14]

        Part of the case for Marić as a co-author of some of Einstein’s early work, putatively culminating in the 1905 papers, is based on the following evidence: “The testimony of the well-known Russian physicist Abram Joffe, who gave the name of the author of the three Annus Mirabilis Papers as Einstein-Marity, erroneously attributing the addition of the name Marity, Marić’s official name, to a non-existing Swiss custom.”[15]

        In the paragraph in question, in which Joffe stated that “Einstein’s” entrance into the arena of science in 1905 was “unforgettable”, he described the author (singular) of the 1905 papers as “a bureaucrat at the Patent Office in Bern”, i.e., Albert Einstein.[16]

        Mileva told a Serbian friend, referring to 1905, that “we finished some important work that will make my husband world famous.”[17] Historians Highfield and Carter argue that this statement is “hometown folklore.”[18]
        John Stachel argues that letters in which Einstein referred to “our” theory and “our” work were written in their student days, at least four years before the 1905 papers. Stachel also suggests that some of the instances in which Einstein used “our” in relation to scientific work referred to their diploma dissertations, for which they each chose the same topic (experimental studies of heat conduction).[19] Stachel argues that Einstein used “our” in general statements, while he invariably used “I” and “my” when he recounted “specific” ideas he was working on: “the letters to Marić show Einstein referring to ‘his’ studies, ‘his’ work on the electrodynamics of moving bodies over a dozen times… as compared to ‘one’ reference to ‘our’ work on the problem of relative motion.”[20] Stachel also suggests that in two cases where letters from Marić survive that directly respond to those from Einstein in which he had recounted his latest ideas, she gives no response at all. Her letters, in contrast to Einstein’s, contain only personal matters, or comments related to her Polytechnic coursework. Stachel writes: “In her case we have no published papers, no letters with a serious scientific content, either to Einstein nor to anyone else; nor any objective evidence of her supposed creative talents. We do not even have hearsay accounts of conversations she had with anyone else that have a specific, scientific content, let alone claiming to report her ideas.”[21]
        Thus, while some scholars have argued that there is not enough evidence to support the idea that Marić helped Einstein to develop his theories,[22][23][24] others have argued that their letters suggest a collaboration between them, at least through 1901 before their children were born.[25]”
        And Hypatia “Hypatia[a] (born c. 350–370; died 415 AD)[1][5] was a Hellenistic Neoplatonist philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician,[6] who lived in Alexandria, Egypt, then part of the Eastern Roman Empire.[7] She was a prominent thinker of the Neoplatonic school in Alexandria, where she taught philosophy and astronomy.[8][9][10] She is the first female mathematician whose life is reasonably well recorded.[11]”

      • People have often wondered whether “American Teacher” is real – I’ve proposed that it’s actually an experiment in Poe’s law.

        Is it trolling? Or is it sincere? It’s hard to imagine that anything could be so ignorant. Even harder to image that a schoolteacher could be so out of touch with reality.

        Yes, it’s Wikipedia. If you disagree with any part of it, you can edit it. All you need is documentation. You know, like the links at the bottom of the page and the books that have been written about all of them.

      • Yah, well, Obama won the Nobel prize, too, in the first year of his presidency and for being black. So did that terrorist, Arafat.

        Any list of women scientists pales in comparison to a list of the great English and German scientists. Homework: Why there have been No Great Women Artists”, by Linda Nochlin, a feminist art historian.

        Think outside your box, Crazy Fool. Not everyone thinks like you. The world owes a debt to white men.

      • Today hasn’t been a total waste, you’ve discovered that women are capable of doing science after all.

        See? You *are* capable of learning. Congratulations! Keep it up and someday you might turn into a real boy.

      • I have no idea to what you are responding.

        Women can cook, only men can be chefs.

      • Okay, next we have to work on retention.

        Twenty minutes ago, you learned that women were capable of doing science. In the interim you appear to have forgotten your brand, new, knowledge and somehow skipped over to a different subject altogether.

        We were talking about *science* … remember? As for cooks, there are plenty excellent female chefs out there. But you should really learn to do your own homework.

      • I never said that women cannot cook or do science. Can you not read?

        In any event, statistics demonstrate that white men by far outstrip every demographic on the planet.

        Start by reading the Nochlin article. Or since that may be too advanced for you, read a summary.

        The world is better off with mighty whitey in charge and other groups know it.

      • “Women do science, but they can’t do science.”

        “I never said that women cannot cook or do science. ”

        “only men can be chefs.”

        “”I never said that women cannot cook”

        No, you said they can’t be chefs. Can you not read your own writing?

        Endless war, global warming, slavery, lynching, imperialism, witch burnings, the Inquisition, the Crusades, the holocaust, the nakba, Serbia, etc, etc, etc. Yeah, white men are doing a great job of running the planet. Oops, I meant “ruining”

        Let’s bring this home: You are a failure. Gym Teacher isn’t exactly a Nobel-worthy profession, and you aren’t even competent to do that. You say, “look what those other white guys did” – yeah, okay they did some stuff – what’s that go to do with you?

        OTOH, you look down on people who actually accomplished things. How does that work, exactly? Who are you to judge those who can do that which you cannot?

        You are a whiny, pathetic loser, desperately grasping at straws to try to justify your completely unwarranted assumption that somehow, somewhere, you are superior to somebody.

        Spoiler alert: that very attitude defines you as an inferior human being. Get over your irrational fears and maybe, just maybe, you can at least achieve the lofty position of mediocre gym teacher.

        But don’t set your sights on that Nobel.

      • There you go again, Buddy, hating on whites.

        We could talk about the endless tribal wars of Africa, the Rape of Nanking, the Japanese sex trade in Korea, the Muslim trafficking of Africans, which persists until this day, the Chinese persecution of muslims and occupation of Tibet, the Taliban, ISIS, etc, etc, etc.

        All you care to do is excoriate whites and ignore their immense achievements. You can list the achievements of others. With whites, the list is infinite.

        The brown lady engineers didn’t exactly accomplish anything when they built their bridge. They just got people killed.

        No other group excoriates itself like you leftie whites. I bet you have a cat o’ nine tails in your secret closet and that you take it out every night and flagellate yourself with it. I bet there are welts all over your back.

        And as far as accomplishments, well, my team does win.

      • :: kindergarten teacher voice ::

        Gene? Honey? I know it’s hard for you to keep up with other children, but at least try. mmm’kay?

        Here’s a new concept for you. It’s a lot of syllables, but if you can sound it out you can make it. Ready?

        “False Dichotomy”

        mmmmm’kay? There are many, many graduations between ‘superior’ and ‘inferior’ – just because some people don’t think that whites are superior, it doesn’t mean they think they are inferior. :: nodding encouragingly ::

        They might even think that the races are “equal” mmmm’kay? Now put on your thinking cap and try to absorb your newfound knowledge before nap time.

      • @CRAZY

        The races are not equal. Don’t be stupid.

        Average IQ in Europe: 100.

        Average IQ in Africa: 70.

        The same is reflected in my students’ IQ scores. And that does not mean I hate another race. I just note that we are not equal.

      • CRAZH H

        Here’s your homework. Please read the work of Richard Lynn, the world’s foremost researcher on IQ.

        Any research on IQ always takes ethnic background into account. The IQ of Europe has been dropping with the alien invasion.

      • @gym teacher – how the fuck did you get your teaching certificate without having a clue how testing works? Didn’t you get the memo? IQ tests are in disfavor because they don’t measure IQ.

        Instead, they measure general knowledge, math, reading, and sometimes abstract reasoning. ALL of these things can be learned and improved with practice. If we go by your criterion, second-generation Asians raised in America are superior to whites.

        But sure, let’s use your criterion. I tend to score somewhere north of 150, I hit 185 once (that would be the one that measured abstract reasoning and other higher level functions).

        So, okay, this is the internet – I could be lying about my IQ the same way as you lie about your height. So spend a few minutes basking in the glory of that – you made me make ridiculous statements to defend myself. Then take another few minutes to consider the possibility that I’m telling the truth. How impressed do you think I am by a washed-up, dumb jock’s claims of superiority?

        So, I propose we draw a different line. Instead of color, let’s divide people by raw intelligence. You are my intellectual inferior, come the revolution you will be my cabana boy. How far can you open your mouth without showing any teeth?

      • Crazy Faggot

        I knew you were a faggot and that was why you couldn’t stand that I was tugging my kids away from that homo stuff.

        You have made me more determined than ever to make sure that every male student of mine is hetero. Maybe I’ll give my Rock Hudson lesson tomorrow. Or my Oscar Wilde.

      • @gym teacher

        Richard Lynn thinks Asians are superior to you. Also that they’ve got sexier tits than you. (admittedly smaller, but still sexier.)

      • And so then the question becomes why have the Asians never advanced? Why has Europe dominated Asia economically, politically, culturally, and scientifically?

        Just why are Europeans so superior?

        Well, have to get back to work on my heterosexuality lessons.

      • > And so then the question becomes why have the Asians never advanced?

        You tell me. You were the one citing Dr. McNaziface as a reference.

        But I’ll make you a deal. If you read the hundreds/thousands of books, articles, and papers which come to the opposite conclusion, then I’ll read his rough-edged racist toilet paper.

        Deal or no deal?

      • @CrazyPal,

        In evading the question, you are conceding the superiority of Europeans and their civilization.

      • Nice try, but that wasn’t the question. *YOU* referenced Dr. McNaziface. *HE* says Asians have higher IQs than you. *YOU* said that was a determinant of superiority. Ergo, BY YOUR OWN CRITERION, Asians are superior to you.

        True or false or evade?

        FYI: China had an advanced civilization a thousand years before the Romans. The Mongols conquered more territory than the Romans. Qin Shi Huang achieved more than the Greeks and Romans combined. The Chinese invented paper-making, printing, gunpowder and the compass. The Japanese invented steel.

      • > Just answer my question for a change.

        I can try, gym teacher, but the problem is that your questions are based on an alternate reality. Nonetheless, I shall do my best to educate you …

        > And so then the question becomes why have the Asians never advanced?

        I’ve actually already answered this: They have. China was civilized before Rome. Big architecture, big armies, metal working, etc, etc, etc. More recently, they had the world’s fastest supercomputer for five years running. They are ahead of us on solar power and mass transit.

        The real real question is why you have trouble perceiving the same reality as the rest of us. (that’s rhetorical – the answer is obvious to everyone who isn’t you)

        > Why has Europe dominated Asia economically, politically, culturally, and scientifically?

        See above. As of today, China has a bigger economy than the US. Culturally? You mean like Nascaar vs Shen Yun? McDonald’s vs. Kobe Beef? The Forbidden City vs. Las Vegas? Asia has produced some of the most beautiful art, dance, and literature in the world; the US some of the biggest crap on the planet. (reading comprehension test: I did NOT say that Europeans have not created some fine art – rather I am addressing your ill-informed question.)

        Politically? Let’s see, China is stepping on Tibet, Japan has been playing nice with its neighbors since WWII, while we stomped Vietnam and Korea into the dirt, and went on to destroy Afghanistan and Iraq. The US has the highest incarceration rate on the planet – China is #134, Japan #206, the only place in the entire region which might even approach our level is North Korea. Is that an accomplishment to be proud of?

        Again, the real real rhetorical question is what you are unaware of these facts.

        > Just why are Europeans so superior?

        What was that you said about poor rhetorical skills? That’s begging the question.

        The human race is about a half-billion years old. You’re looking at the last few centuries – a very small fraction of history – and saying “we won.” Epic fail, dude. Others have been on top in the past, others will be on top in the future.

        The “civilization” that “we” created is inevitably headed for a total and complete meltdown. Talk to me about your supposed superiority after the inevitable apocalypse.

      • Every place is better than the West. You are so full of garbage. Moreover, like Henri, you are starting to bore me. Bye, pal.

      • :: Kindergarten Teacher Voice ::

        Gene? Honey? Remember just yesterday when we talked about ‘false dichotomy’? Did you take notes like I suggested?

        If you can’t keep up with the rest of the class, maybe you should just sit there quietly.

        While we’re on the subject of retention, might I point out this part of the post you’re replying to?

        ” I did NOT say that Europeans have not created some fine art – rather I am addressing your ill-informed question.”

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  7. Oh my God. What is going on in here? Has someone figured out a way to pump Ambien through the Internet and into the computer keyboard keys? I was going to post something. I think I’m going to take a hot shower and have a stiff drink instead.

    • Hey, Alex – yeah, I’d be embarrassed if I wasn’t having so much fun. Ted sed he wanted to simulate discussion. That happened.

      (“simulate” ? Bad pun? moi?)

    • Crazy just believes every group is equal until he looks up enough on the net to make everyone superior to whites.

      He is probably in his closet flagellating himself now.

      • :: Kindergarten Teacher Voice ::

        Gene? Honey? Remember just yesterday when we talked about ‘false dichotomy’? Did you take notes like I suggested?

        If you can’t keep up with the rest of the class, maybe you should just sit there quietly.

    • Alas, Alex, the spectacle we are currently observing here is the destruction of this forum as a venue for serious discussion by two trolls. Happens on the best of fora….

      A hot shower and a stiff drink does seem a better anternative….


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