#MeToo House is America’s Favorite New Reality TV Show

Actors, producers, corporate executives, and many other ones powerful men are now hiding out, lying low, hoping that America will forget that they have been humiliated and shamed as a result of the anti-sexual-harassment #MeToo movement. Now we’re clear about where they’ve been hiding.

40 thoughts on “#MeToo House is America’s Favorite New Reality TV Show

    • Froggy woggy
      Have you seen Bill Clinton included in the feminist movement against men?
      What about Creepy Joe Biden?
      Read the South Park episode quotes or better yet watch the fucking thing. Sexual Healing is the title from season 14.

      “Early in Monroe’s career as a struggling actress, the Jewish head of Columbia, Harry Cohn, invited her to an overnight cruise on his yacht. Monroe was required to strip naked for Cohn in his office. As she bent over, at his direction, he approached her, penis in hand. When she declined his advances, said Monroe, “I had never seen a man so angry” (Jordan, 91; Wolfe, 211-212). Cohn then “banned her from the [Columbia] lot after she refused to accompany him on a yacht to Catalina Island” (Leaming, 8). “You know,” Monroe once said, “that when a producer calls an actress into his office to discuss a script that isn’t all he has in mind … I’ve slept with producers. I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t” (Summers, 34-35). In 1955, 20th Century Fox awarded Monroe the richest per-film contract of any actress. “It means,” remarked Monroe, “I’ll never have to suck another cock again!” (McDougal, 217).”

      • We don’t all act on every hard-on.

        For you, it’s the man nipples and tight jeans.
        The female side is the act.
        Pretty obvious, no homo right?

        “Pause” is the eighth episode and chronologically the first episode of the third season of the Adult Swim original series The Boondocks.

        Huey, Riley, and Granddad are watching a show where Granddad wants to join but Huey and Riley think its a bad idea,

        Robert: I gon’ really let him have it. Show him my stuff. Give that man everything I got.

        Riley: Pause.

        Robert: Pause? Pause what?

        Riley: You said somethin’ gay, so you gotta say “no homo” or else you a homo.

        Robert: But what did I say gay?

        Riley: You said you was gon’ give this dude everything you got. No homo.

        Robert: That’s not gay. I said I was gon’ give the man everything I got.

        Riley: Pause, Granddad. If it sound gay, its gay and you gotta say “no homo”. How I know you not a homo, Granddad, if you don’t say “no homo”?

        Robert: I’m not sayin’ “no homo”.

        Riley: Okay, you a homo.

        Robert: Stop callin’ your granddaddy a homo!

        Riley: Then say “no homo”!

        Robert: I don’t wanna say “no homo”! Imma homo yo’ ass, if you don’t stop sayin’ pause!

        Riley: . . . . Pause.

  1. Let’s use the Wayback machine shall we
    Anthony Anderson, in 2004,
    “”This is absolutely the most suspicious case I’ve ever heard.” That’s what Memphis’ Judge Anthony Johnson said at a preliminary hearing on Wednesday as he dismissed rape charges against actor Anthony Anderson and assistant director Wayne Witherspoon, according to the Associated Press. After hearing the testimony of the alleged victim, an aspiring extra who accused the Kangaroo Jack star and his colleague of raping her on a local movie set, Judge Johnson ruled that there was no probable cause to try the case.
    The 25-year-old woman had reported earlier this summer an alleged incident in which she claimed that Anderson and Witherspoon had sexually assaulted her in a trailer on the Memphis set of the upcoming movie Hustle & Flow. In court, she testified that the two men had forced her to have sex with them several times in the days before the sole alleged encounter that she reported to police. After the dismissal, a state prosecutor’s office spokesperson told AP that no decision had been made on whether to continue to pursue the case.
    Anderson and Witherspoon did not comment on the ruling, but Anderson spokesman Allan Mayer told Reuters, ”He is, of course, both relieved and delighted by the judge’s decision to throw out what was so obviously a trumped-up case.” According to AP, Mayer added, ”That said, this has been a terrible ordeal for him and his family, and he is eager to put it behind him and move on with his life and career.””

    Kicking off the METOO movement, well kind of a precursor was
    “Ain’t It Cool News founder Harry Knowles exploded into internet glory by ignoring boundaries. But boundary-breaking also hurt him and his site long before he stepped aside this week over sexual assault and harassment accusations.

    Knowles practically invented film geek reporting, then drew criticism for cozy relationships with the studios he once critiqued. In the last decade, he has been overshadowed by other fan-focused empires, and studio and networks’ increasingly savvy attempts to harness fandom.

    Ain’t It Cool News, like the Drudge Report, gained fame in the ’90s by bypassing traditional journalistic customs and gatekeepers. But Knowles failed to adapt to the new world he helped create. Three former contributors told TheWrap the site lost its way because of Knowles’ ego, lack of business skill and sense of entitlement.

    Soon attention turned to Knowles. A film fan named Jasmine Baker told IndieWire that she and Knowles had both attended Drafthouse screenings and events in 1999 and 2000, and that on different occasions he rubbed up against her, including against her legs and buttocks, in a way that made her uncomfortable. When she confronted him and told him not to touch her again, “He just giggled about it,” she said.
    At least once, she said, he put his hand up her shirt. IndieWire spoke to two friends of Baker who said she had told them about multiple cases of Knowles touching her without consent.
    “I categorically deny it,” Knowles told IndieWire, adding that Baker “treated me like a confidante.”
    Soon, other women spoke out. “On more than one occasion HK has grabbed my ass and other parts of me. I just learned to not go within grabbing distance of him,” tweeted Austin resident Gloria Walker, 29, who went on to describe other alarming interactions with Knowles.
    Austin film writer and ScreenCrush associate editor Britt Hayes, 32, also tweeted. “Harry sexually harassed me. He has sexually harassed other women in this community for years. This wasn’t an anomaly. He is a predator,” she wrote. She says that Knowles once reached out to her online to ask if she wanted to know “the real way” to get into a screening he was hosting, and then told her, “show me your tits.”
    Another film writer, who uses the handle “sick__66,” posted a screenshot of messages she says Knowles sent her after they chatted online about film. “Your eyeliner makes you look good enough to eat. Obviously I’m talking cannibalism, baby. You can have my Vienna sausage anytime,” said one series of messages.
    And a former Drafthouse employee, Jill Lewis, said Knowles had once “grabbed my arm, asked me to come closer, and then told me he was on mushrooms, and that he and his wife had been talking about wanting to see me naked, and asked me to do just that with them that night.” (IndieWire has more details about all of the accounts above.)”


    “Chairman: I’ve gathered you together here because you are the best minds our country has to offer. As you’ve all seen on the news, our country is facing a major crisis, and we need to find out what’s causing it. [the men glance at each other] Why? Why are rich successful men suddenly going out and trying to have sex with lots of women?
    Expert 1: [with mustache and black coat] Tiger Woods was only the most prevalent, but our data shows that the numbers are growing. David Letterman and before that, Bill Clinton. There’s a pattern here, people.
    Expert 2: [with mustache and midnight blue coat] Why would a man who’s famous and makes tons of money use that and have sex with lots of different women? [glances at the woman to his left, then looks ahead again]
    Chairman: [stands up] Aand these rich celebrities have perfectly good wives at home. Why would they even think of sex with others? Dammit! [pounds the table with his right fist, but manages only a soft blow] I want answers!
    Expert 3: [balding, with lab coat] We believe that it may be an outbreak of sex addiction, sir.
    Chairman: [sits down] Sex awhowho?
    Expert 4: [glasses and lab coat] It’s a new phenomena we don’t completely understand yet, but it… seems to make people… different. Of course, we all know the normal healthy male thinks only of sex occasionally and has no desire for sex with multiple partners. [the other men murmur in agreement]
    Expert 5: Definitely true.
    Chairman: Yes, we all know that, go on.
    Expert 4: But in the sex addict, their entire lives are consumed with thoughts of wanting more and more. The mere sight of an attractive woman could… can make them think about sex with her.
    Expert 6: [with fat cheeks] But what about love? How could tons of fame and money make you forget about love? [looks at the woman to his right]
    Chairman: What could be causing this outbreak of sexual addiction?
    Expert 7: [black] It could be caused by something in the water supply. Uh, perhaps even by – global warming.
    Expert 8: [Japanese ancestry] Or cooling.
    Expert 9: Yes
    Expert 7: If.so, then the disease could start to affect our children
    Chairman: That does it! [pounds the table softly] I want health screening at all our nation’s schools! We need to find out if any young people might be carrying this disease.

    Therapist: All right, sex addicts. What other destructive behaviors that we engaged in that led to our ultimate downfall? [on the dry-erase board are three examples: “Sex Shop Visits, Sex With Hookers, Going To Strip Clubs”] Anyone have another example? Let’s see, how about… David!
    David Letterman: Haha, Oh, ahh, having sex with employees.
    Therapist: [writing on the board] “Sex with employees.” Definitely a danger there. What else? Uh, Mr. Clinton.
    Bill Clinton: Putting cigars in girls’ vaginas?
    Therapist: Very good, Billy. [writing on the board] “cigars in vaginas.” Not the best idea there.
    Charlie Sheen: Watching Internet porn all day every day?
    Therapist: Spot on, Charlie Sheen! Excessive [writing on the board] “Internet porn.” Now, the reason we are making this list is that we have new members today. I want you all to welcome Kyle and Bummers. The men all turn to look at the boys, who are seated in the last row.
    Kyle: Hello?
    The men: Hey Kyle, hi Kyle.
    Therapist: And would you care to share your stories with us, boys?
    Kyle: Well, I just found out I’m a sex addict. I’m so scared, I haven’t even told my mom yet.
    Bill Clinton: Does your mom have big tits?
    Therapist: Billy!
    Bill Clinton: [sheepishly] Sorry…
    Butters: Me, I just… Well I just can’t stop thinking about bush.
    Ben Roethlisberger: I heard that.
    Butters: I mean it’s like, what is it? What does it mean? Why would there be a bush right there? Is it a live bush? Are there berries?
    Therapist: Mr. Duchovny, please stop jerking off!
    David Duchovny: [stops] Aw, gee whiz!

    Therapist: Alrighty. Now, we all know the destructive behaviors that got us into this predicament, don’t we? What is the main thing we’ve all learned to avoid? [Tiger raises his hand] Yes, Tiger?
    Tiger Woods: Avoid drugs? And alcohol?
    The other men: Auugh!
    Therapist: No, no, Tiger, you still aren’t getting it. [Kyle has a memo pad and pen, Butters is trimming a small bonsai tree] In order to make sure we are no longer destroying our lives with any of these behaviors, we must avoid… anyone? Avoid getting… anyone?
    Michael Douglas: Caught.
    Therapist: Yes, Michael Douglas! Everyone!
    The Men: Getting caught.
    Therapist: Very good! You are all here in therapy [draws a big circle around the destructive behaviors and writes “CAUGHT” over them] because you got caught! So how do we avoid getting caught? Ben Rothlisberger?
    Ben Rothlisberger: Don’t screw girls in the public bathrooms?
    David Letterman: When they uh ask you for money, pay them.
    Therapist: Good, yes!
    Kyle: Whoa, hang on! We shouldn’t be learning how not to get caught. We have to take responsibility for our actions. [Butters stops trimming the tree, the men all look at Kyle]
    Bill Clinton: [breaks the silence] What the fuck are you talkin’ about?
    Kyle: Well, ah I mean, we have to accept that we have a problem, and put the blame completely on ourselves. I mean, maybe this isn’t really even a disease. [the therapist turns around and walks away from the group, then places a call]
    Therapist: Yeah, it’s me. We’ve got a turd in the punch bowl. I repeat, we have a turd in the punch bowl.

    Obama: [softly] Which would mean that the alien is also a wizard.
    Expert 10: Yes! It explains everything! A wizard alien would be able to cast a spell on our species, causing all the men to become sex addicts.
    Obama: Enough! We need to find the wizard alien and break his spell.
    SWAT Officer 2: [chuckles] Okay okay alright alright, hang, hang on guys. I mean, come on, this is getting a little ridiculous. Wizard aliens? We all know what’s going on here, don’t we? Whenever a story breaks about some rich famous guy going around and having sex with tons of girls, we all wanna act like we don’t understand it, but we do. We’re guys, you know? Our brains are wired to strive to be the alpha male and get all the women we can. [walks into an open area in the room] I mean, look where we are. Even, even Benjamin Franklin screwed everything that moved. Because he could. We don’t have to condone what these rich, famous people do, but… we can at least admit that, given the same temptations and opportunities that somebody like Tiger Woods has, a lot of us guys might do somethin’ similar. [Obama thinks this over…]
    Obama: [speaks into a mic strapped to his wrist] We have a turd in the punch bowl.
    Secret Service Agent: Turd in the punch bowl. [the other SWAT members close in on him]
    SWAT Officer 2: Hey, what are you doin- No. No, come on. [and take him away] Where are you takin’ me? “

    • This is way too long. You are not a columnist here. People would pay attention if you stuck to one or two points and did not write these screeds.

      A wise man says thank you.

      • American Teacher
        Learn to fucking read.
        Isn’t one of today’s problems very short attention spans?
        At least you are still one script by adding ignorance and lack of intelligence to your rabid right-wing stereotype.
        Finally, it’s your loss for NOT reading the entirety of what I post.
        Too much pertinent information gets lost when an in-depth topic gets limited to ” DUH< BAD" Twitter posts.
        Even Trump has to use multiple posts to get a point across.
        For supposedly being a teacher you suck ass big time on the education side.
        But as a poorly written character, you have zero subtlety and nuance. Lack of depth has ruined many a story.

      • And the Anthony Anderson thing well he had a hit show at the time. It was canceled, He laid low and is now back on tv.
        Where is the outrage?
        Chronology of Congressional Sex Scandals

        I seem to recall that congressional pages were claiming assault in the 90’s.


        Republican U.S. Senate nominee Jack Ryan’s ex-wife, TV actress Jeri Ryan, accused him of taking her to sex clubs in New York and Paris, where he tried to coerce her into having sex with him in front of strangers, according to records released Monday from the couple’s California divorce file.

        Jack Ryan denied the allegations when they were made in 2000, when the couple was engaged in a bitter child custody battle a year after their divorce.

      • You don’t take criticism well, do you?

        You are not written well, are you?
        I’m assuming some stoner college prank is the source of your fictional life.

  2. Where does this fit in the puzzle

    “Assange visited Sweden in August 2010. During his visit, he became the subject of sexual assault allegations from two women with whom he had sex. He was questioned, the case was initially closed, and he was told he could leave the country. In November 2010, however, the case was re-opened by a special prosecutor who said that she wanted to question Assange over two counts of sexual molestation, one count of unlawful coercion and one count of “lesser-degree rape” (mindre grov våldtäkt). Assange denied the allegations and said he was happy to face questions in Britain.[7][154]

    In 2010, the prosecutor said Swedish law prevented her from questioning anyone by video link or in the London embassy. In March 2015, after public criticism from other Swedish law practitioners, she changed her mind and agreed to interrogate Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, with interviews finally beginning on 14 November 2016.[155] These interviews involved police, Swedish prosecutors and Ecuadorian officials and were eventually published online.[156] By this time, the statute of limitations had expired on all three of the less serious allegations. Since the Swedish prosecutor had not interviewed Assange by 18 August 2015, the questioning pertained only to the open investigation of “lesser degree rape”, whose statute of limitations is due to expire in 2020.[157][158][159][160][161]

    On 19 May 2017, the Swedish authorities dropped their investigation against Assange, claiming they could not expect the Ecuadorian Embassy to communicate reliably with Assange with respect to the case. Chief prosecutor Marianne Ny officially revoked his arrest warrant, but said the investigation could still be resumed if Assange visited Sweden before August 2020. “We are not making any pronouncement about guilt”, she said.[162][1″

  3. And BOOOM!
    Gayle King Thinks #MeToo Needs Due Process

    “You’ve talked about the potential for backlash to the #MeToo movement. How do you see that playing out? I do worry about that, because I think when a woman makes an accusation, the man instantly gets the death penalty. There has to be some sort of due process here. All of these inappropriate behaviors are not all the same.”

    Now for the real kick in the cooch

    “But what about the rumors that some of these men will have a comeback? Sometimes it just doesn’t seem as if they’ve really taken a hit. It depends on who you’re talking about. We’re talking in generalities here, because many of the cases are different, but what I do know is you can’t come back if you don’t get the lesson and you haven’t acknowledged that you behaved badly.”


  4. Not to be forgotten

    “Former Vice President Al Gore has been hit by new allegations of sexual assault. This time, it’s two more massage therapists bringing the charges.

    The former VP is already in hot water, fighting abuse claims in Portland, where another masseuse said Gore groped her in ’06 and asked her to perform a “chakra release” (massage-speak for “hand job”.) He denies everything.

    The new allegations are said to have taken place at two hotels – one in Beverly Hills in 2007, when Gore was in Hollywood for the Oscars, the other in Tokyo in 2008.

    A source from the luxury hotel in Beverly Hills told The Enquirer: “The therapist claimed that when they were alone, Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her.” He then propositioned her for a sexual act, according to The Enquirer.

    Molly Hagerty, the Portland victim, has also recently piped up with some new evidence: a pair of stained black pants and the remains of some candy supposedly gobbled by Gore. ”

    “5 Fun Facts You Need To Know About The John Travolta Penis Massage Scandal
    By Jenni Maier | May 8, 2012 ‘

    ” John Travolta Accused Of Shocking Acts Of Sexual Abuse
    By : Francesca Donovan

    John Travolta Accused Of Shocking Acts Of Sexual Abuse john travolta webPA

    John Travolta has been accused of sexual battery in a criminal complaint filed by a 21-year-old male, at the time.

    The unidentified masseuse claims the Pulp Fiction actor exposed himself, groped his butt and gushed over gay fantasies during an incident which took place in 2000.”

    “John Travolta has been accused by three massage men of having sexually assaulted them, but Travolta was never convicted of the crimes. Rather, the complainants were questioned about the stories. Travolta keeps denying the allegations ever made against him, and he still remains one of the biggest film stars of Hollywood.”

    And we have Corey Feldman pon Corey Haim’s sexual abuse.
    Everyone can Google that on their own.

  5. Oopsy

    Roseanne Barr Claims George Clooney Took a Picture of His “Wiener” Wearing Glasses and Left It on Set

    Photographing his genitals – with other people’s cameras
    Back in the Eighties, Clooney developed a proclivity for stealing friends’ cameras and using it to take pictures of his nether-regions wearing glasses. “We called him Mr Face,” he told Esquire. “You put sunglasses and a cigarette, and it actually looks like a person. I haven’t done that in a long time. I think 1988 was my last Mr Face impersonation.” Pop singer Pat Boone was among the victims.

      • To the creator of AT
        Is it not obvious?
        Oh wait, I forgot you script this character.
        Never mind.
        LOOK a KITTY!

      • Glenn
        Thank you for understanding the THEME of my posts. I appreciate you realizing the Gayle King interview is the start of the walk back to forgetfulness.
        The other stunning insight you had, from reading my posts, is how some people are just too far beyond the reach to be placed in the same category of vile offenders.
        Who cares if Clooney posted dick pics to strange women and men, or that Gore assaulted women during massages.
        At least you seemed to comprehend the history of people in power sexually dominating men, women, and children.
        How that link continues today.
        Finally, your keen skills denoted that the creators of South Park addressed this issue way back in 2010.
        Thankfully women will now star in remakes or once financially successful projects and receive a pay bump.
        Your wisdom shows you see the METOO movement going the way of OCCUPY WALL STREET.
        That is why you are the shining intellectual light within your community.
        And always lest we forget, NO HOMO AT.

      • @Glenn

        “Wizard is a robot.”

        I’ve wondered about that myself, I’ve noted before that the subject couldn’t pass a Turing Test. It’s even more interesting given that it’s fascinated with scripts.

        It would be quite easy to write a wiz script.

        1) Parse a post for word or phrase that sounds “keywordish”

        2) Google “keywordish”

        3) Copy/paste random bits of text from the search results.

        4) POST

        5) During routine maintenance, collect copious amount of other random text.

        6) POST

        7) Lather, rinse, repeat.

      • CrazyH

        First you try to lie about the Dead shit. Then you claim to be a boomer living off a pension and IRA.
        Christ when a character is created the author makes a “bible” which includes all the trivial information so contradictions don’t happen later.
        Whoever writes you and AT, two sides of the same reactionary coin, needs to make a “bible” for each of you.
        Go buy some Gay wedding cake and weep for the stranded polar bears. Maybe feed them some cake.

      • @Wiz

        One of the simplifying assumptions in the design spec was that that output didn’t necessarily need to be coherent, cohesive, consistent, or even comprehensible so long as it was copious.

        The project was a success.

        @gym teacher

        “He is an admitted pedophile.”

        [Citation Needed]

      • @wiz

        CH admitted on one of the toons that he recruits boys to give him bjs.

        He is probably on a sex offender list.

      • > CH admitted on one of the toons that he recruits boys to give him bjs.

        [Citation Needed]

  6. re: “I’m going to rape whoever ate all the shitty mushrooms”

    Back when #gamergate was going strong, I *heard* something entirely different than what they were *saying*: “Weh! Weh! Weh! I might be beated by a GIRL!”

    Turns out I was right: https://www.wired.com/2015/07/gamers-troll-women-literally-losers/

    One might reasonably extrapolate that to all sexists (racists, homophobes …). It’s obvious to us normal people that they’re overcompensating for their irrational fears. If you can brand someone as inferior then you can see yourself as superior without actually doing anything to earn the title.

    They are to be pitied, even as we fight them. Lucky for us, they’ve already identified themselves as losers.

    • I swear the person writing you puts in a tad more effort than when doing AT. Maybe your posted before the dope starts flowing.

      “Lucky for us, they’ve already identified themselves as losers.”

      Good thing to know when they piss on you from the balcony during the champagne parties.

      Al Franken co wrote 1994’s When a man loves a woman.
      “The seemingly perfect relationship between a man and his wife is tested as a result of her alcoholism.”
      Rumor has it it was based on Frankens real life experiences.

  7. Confused by Rall’s Sputnik toon. Trump showing Kim the new limo and Kim commenting about being scared of your own people.
    The Pope is driven around in a bulletproof limo. Obama was driven in a bulletproof limo.
    Kennedy would have been alive if he were in a bulletproof limo.
    I think all major political figures, rich people and rappers ride in bulletproof limos.
    Most of the drivers are trained in evasive tactics.
    Especially those who drive people like oil exec in nations where kidnappings occur.
    The toon neither added insight to Trump nor Kim.
    Nor the newly released redesigned limo.
    Which most likely started production under Obama.
    As did the last redesigned air force one.
    It wasn’t even humorous.

    • @Evil

      You just didn’t get it.

      When Kim goes out, he is surrounded by a human wall. He packs his own food lest someone try to poison him. The cartoon pokes fun at Kim for his comment about Trump needing an armored limousine.

      • At
        How many times did the US try to poison Castro?
        Then there was the Russian/Ukrainian with the radioactive element poisoning.
        Didn’t the Russians use umbrella guns to poison targets as they pass by?
        Those example are off the top of my head.
        Why wouldn’t Kim be paranoid? He is educated, he has to know the History of not only his intelligence community but the US, Russia, China, fuck the French blew up the Greenpeace boat.
        Like I said even the pope drives around in a bullet proof vehicle. And one of the previous popes, the one with the short time in office before dying, was rumored to have been killed for uncovering vatican bank corruption.
        Certain elements who don’t want the meeting to happen or are seeking to blame one of the participants, like the US, have plans in place to assassinate one or both parties. That is a given.
        So, in light of the real world complications, I can’t see any humor in this.
        Unless Trump has some strobe, and cranked the bass up to ten for some Kanye it just wasn’t funny nor insightful.

      • AT
        “He packs his own food lest someone try to poison him.”
        I will never drink from anything someone else gives me. Way too much doping.
        While we still eat from restaurants those are fewer and fewer.
        Consider this, someone takes their phone to the toilet to kill time, Come out wash hands then IMMEDIATELY CHECK EMAIL!
        I wash my hands after getting the mail, after getting a package, and fuck me but grocery store food scares the shit out of me.
        Call me paranoid but there has been quote a few food related outbreaks. And we don’t even want to get into shit like MERSA and hospitals.
        Remember the phone thing next time you hit the doctors office.
        For me I’m wearing gloves through the entire visit. Not gonna pick up some disease because the secretary’s e-coli poop phone hands give me a contaminated receipt.

      • How is personal security considered ironic?
        Irony would have been Rodman, Trump and Kim each taking a turn at the wheel.

        As far as assassination. we are at risk for far more than we know. Organ harvesting is just one example.
        Kidnap and torture for funsies is another.
        Rape, men do get raped just don’t report like women do.
        Drugged and robbed.
        Scopolamine, Devils Breath,
        “Two women robbed THIRTY men for £27,000 in cash and property by slipping them ‘Devil’s Breath’ drug that robs people of their ‘free will’ ”
        “The three are thought to have stolen millions from unsuspecting victims by blowing scopolamine, a powerful “hypnotic” drug, into strangers’ faces ”

        Honestly what world do people live in where they are not aware of half the shit I take for granted and have known about for years?

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