Melania Heads South

Melania Trump visited a US detention facility on the Mexico border. Did she have another agenda?

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  1. Brian Kilmeade and Melania Trump sum up how a majority of Americans feel: They are not our kids and we really don’t care.

    Stop calumnying us for that. It’s nature. You care for your own.

    The children of the migrants are receiving adequate shelter, better than what they had running through the desert. Furthermore, they are being used by adults to break into this country. “She was my passport,” said Guillermo T, a Guatemalan construction worker, in the Monday New York Times cover story on migrants. He wanted to be reunited with a brother in Kansas. Hardly a refugee.

    Like the mother of Yanela Hernandez, Guillermo is another scammer.

    Melania should visit the children of our military.

    • > the mother of Yanela Hernandez … is another scammer.

      Bearing false witness again, Mr. Awesome Sunday School Teacher? You failed to provide documentation last time you were asked, I assume at this point you know you’re lying. (And even if you believe yourself to be truthful, the god ubba old testament wasn’t into splitting hairs. You’re gonna burn either way.)

      You’re also a hypocrite, out of one end of your alimentary canal you decry Hernandez for *abandoning her children while out the other end you revel in the government breaking up families.

      *”abandoning” in this context means “saving her baby girl from a horrific life”

      > we really don’t care.

      At least that’s a truthful statement, however, by denigrating the majority of Americans who *do* care, you are again bearing false witness.

      Rather than denying entry for people fleeing for their lives, we should throw out those citizens who don’t appreciate the country they live in. That way we could make more room for decent people, and have higher a quality citizenry as a result.

      Start packing – your camel awaits you in sunny Saudi Arabia.

      • CH

        >the mother of Yanela Hernandez

        I don’t want to insult you, but are you such an ideologue that you don’t bother to read? I referred you to the Daily Mail. The article is by Daniel Bates and Karen Ruiz. The Hernandez family have a middle class Honduran life, but mom has a fantasy about living in the U.S. Fantasies do not make you a refugee.

        Yesterday’s NYT, in its daily sob story about migrants, interviews MariaLiz Bautista, 14, who wants to meet her mother living in the United States. Not a reason for aslyum. Mom can return home to the daughter she evidently abandoned. (In the U.S., we have responsibility laws that say you cannot abandon your children because you would rather live elsewhere.)

        Okay, so let’s keep the families together in detention until we deport. No biggie. I have no problem with that. But we are not going to release them into the country that my ancestors built.

        Not to insult you again, but are you stupid? The aliens are not exactly coming here with medical records. You do realize there has been an uptick of tuberculosis in this country, a disease once eradicated, but on the upswing due to untrammeled immigration. If you need me to get you articles, let me know, but hopefully you can do some research yourself.

        Since you are sooooo fond of Saudi Arabia, you probably know that that wonderful country has a wall. They built it to shield themselves from the chaos in that region.

      • Fascism is a disease America repeatedly and pridefully claims to have eliminated.

        But to paraphrase Mark Twain, “The reports of Fascism’s death have been greatly exaggerated.”

        I know that fascism is not dead because America has contracted a severe case of it.

        Maybe from the un-dead (Zombies) ?

      • Hitler was a germophobe.

        The mayor of Chicago warned people not to go to a rally in Grant Park because of the possibility of contagious diseases in the crowd.

        I was interviewed on television at the rally, and a question was posed to me about the mayor’s statement about contagion.

        I said I’ll believe it when the mayor calls off the White Sox game on the same day for the same reason.

        I got a lot of pats on the back for that one.

        At least germophobia keeps the fascists away. Just like zombies and garlic.

        Why do fascists always look so inbred? Maybe because they take genetic purity way too seriously.

        We used to see degenerate looking Nazis in Marquette Park. And they made it into the Blues Brothers movie.

      • > I referred you to the Daily Mail.

        That you did. And I asked you to post a link to a specific article validating your assertions. That you did not. I’m not going to read the entire site to corroborate your BS – that’s your job. “Tits or GTFO” (to quote a site closer to your level of sophistication)

        > the country that my ancestors built.

        Can you document that “your ancestors” built this country? The evidence so far is that your family is composed of whiny slackers who expect *other* people to build the country they inhabit.

        OTOH, it is very well documented that Blacks, Chinese, and Hispanics did one hell of a lot to build this country. Many of them died on the job so that you could be fat, dumb, and happy today.

        You were born on the northern side of an imaginary line. That’s it. You didn’t build a god damned thing, yet somehow you feel you are entitled to that which others built.

        Oh, excuse me, did I say “built”? I meant “stole from its rightful owners. Now you’re crying your little eyes out because someone else wants to share in the bounty your ancestors stole.


      • @CH

        I dont know how to do links, and I’m not going to find out to please you. I wouldn’t do anything to please you., including write any more tonight.

        You are a traitor and a fool.

      • > You are a traitor …

        Let’s see now, I believe in The Constitution and you hate The Constitution. I believe in the founding principles of this country, and you hate the founding principles of this country.

        So, yes, it’s possible that one of us is a traitor; but it’s highly unlikely that one is my humble self.

        > … and a fool

        Hmm, you tell blatant lies which you are completely unable to substantiate. When challenged you throw a hissy fit rather than provide any real answer.

        So, yes, it’s possible that one of us is a fool; but it’s highly unlikely that one is my humble self.

        So, you’re teaching high school in the 21st century, yet you can’t handle a hyperlink. That’s interesting. Here are the directions that any one of your sub-par student could supply.

        1) Navigate to the page you want to reference.
        2) Highlight the text in the navigation bar. (double click, or click & drag – you should be able to figure that part out)
        3) “copy” that text. That might be right-click and select from the context menu, or it might be ctl-C. Again, if you have trouble ask one of your sub-par students for help.
        4) “paste” that text into your post. That might be right-click context menu “paste” or it might be ctl-V.

        See? Wasn’t that easy? Now you have no more excuses.

        “Tits, or GTFO.”

      • @ch

        I take it all back.

        You are not a traitor.

        You are just a cliche.

        I gave you the authors of the article; it will pop right up. I’m not doing any work for you.

        In any event, you could have Mrs Scammer Hernandez right before you, admitting she did not flee any danger, and you would not be satisfied, but look to get her citizenship and her daughter, when the time comes, a free place at university, over someone whose family has already lived here. And that would make you a traitor.

      • > I’m not doing any work for you.

        Oh, it’s not “for me” – it’s for YOU. You have made an absolute fool of yourself on this one. All you have to do to redeem yourself is document your words.

        If you could, you would. You can’t so you’re going on the offensive.

        Spoiler alert: it’s not working. In fact, it’s just underscoring the fact that you’re blowing smoke.

    • Alright AT, I get that you’re happy to have found a forum where you can tell us how you really feel unlike at your day job. (since maintaining decorum apparently is the final function of a teacher that even you have yet to unravel)

      But please, show some consistency.

      I thought all children where the devil’s spawn, enemy combatants engaged in open warfare with you. (Being outnumbered, you have settled on a indefinite holding action where they only pretend and you pretend to not notice.)

      Now those same children are somehow labeled “ours” (not that you’re going to treat them any differently) – by virtue of, what exactly? Ah, by comparison to those children of “others”.

      Plus, of course, you yourself probably want to be treated in a friendly manner when vacationing in Mexico to drink and forget. And you’d definitely would want that in case civil war breaks out at home and you want to sidestep the actual killing and be killed bit.

      So therefore enlightened self-interest has created a system where there is a semblance of a minimal humanity shown to those down on their luck – just in case we ourselves may be reduced to that… not to mention for the most basic altruistic twitch that even your cynicism has left intact.

      You may think that you have been born lucky (into the right country) so why bother with this insurance system; but, like any healthy person to be suddenly hit by cancer and/or lightning at any moment, destiny is a harsh mistress. So perhaps you may want to reconsider your views on immigration in the heart of immigration central.

      • Andreas,

        I did write a piece called “Children from Hell” now, didn’t I? And while I stand by every word, the language of blacks and Hispanics in my classes is so foul that separate facilities seems to be the answer.

        I am most assuredly NOT vacationing in Mexico and as the ground war here is already beginning, everyone will have to take a side.

        Karma is a bitch, but I must have done something in a previous life to land me here. Hopefully, I’m stashing up enough karma for my next life, too.

      • You do realize you have been born into the richest country on Earth – and handed a comparatively large slice of the pie – at a time of technological progress before the environmental costs come flooding in for real?

        It is a sad testimony that you consider this place and time equivalent to a personal hell as punishment for earlier sins. Clearly in part this is a testimony to our current system, to be sure… and I do agree with you there to an extent, and hope you still find something worthwhile between the cracks.

        It’s too bad that you seem to forgo the pleasures of most places of the world for fear of the stranger and distrust of the other.

        Lastly, ground wars are ugly undertakings and create 10+ refugees for every loss of life, none of whom would ever have imagined being uprooted. So I hope for your sake – and really everyone’s – that your future will play out differently. Take care.

      • Andreas

        I do irealize my birthright has made me fortunate indeed, and that is why I practice thrift and try to minimize my footprint on the planet.

        I forgo some parts of the world because I want to enjoy myself and avoid hazards. The places I choose to visit are inexhaustible.

        Read the news. Perhaps Trump will call out the troops and we’ll avoid the coming ground war. But I doubt it.

        You take care.

      • @AT

        “I practice thrift and try to minimize my footprint on the planet.”

        I know your footprint minimization program includes being a vegetarian, and I find that commendable given your nearly 300 pound bulk.

        But I wonder how much of your vegetarian diet discipline is due to concern for the planet, and how much is due to emulation of your idol, AH, who was also a vegetarian?

        Your statements sometimes lead me to question your motives, and not always in the most favorable light.

        Your fascination with Naziism has, I fear, tinged my estimation of you, dear friend.

      • As I sit with some granola and cashew milk, I have to tell you that AH and I just happily coincide. I don’t know the reason behind Adolf’s decision, but perhaps you will find out through your study of Mein Kampf.

        Ben Franklin was a vegetarian for several years, out of thrift, but you wouldn’t put me in Ben’s league, would you?

        I am an activist, my dear Glenn. A major donor in farm animal rescue. That’s where compassion should go, not to these illegals in the slaughter industries.

      • “A major donor in farm animal rescue. That’s where compassion should go, not to these illegals in the slaughter industries.”

        Yes, Hitler loved animals more that human beings, too.

        Animals are so much easier to live with.

        They are so much more able to overlook shortcomings than are humans.

        Beware your fellow Trumpians who might not look favorably upon your support for animal husbandry terror.

        The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) is a United States federal law (Pub.L. 109–374; 18 U.S.C. § 43) that prohibits any person from engaging in certain conduct “for the purpose of damaging or interfering with the operations of an animal enterprise.”[1] The statute covers any act that either “damages or causes the loss of any real or personal property” or “places a person in reasonable fear” of injury.

      • Wrong again, Glenn

        Animals demand a lot of time, money, and patience. Infinitely easier to have a good wife.

        But thanks for the warning.


  2. Yeah, they should take Trump’s grandkids away & lock ’em up in “Summer Camp.”

    Oh, I don’t really believe that. Children should not be punished for their grand/parents’ transgressions, but Trumpco DOES believe it. Of course, being RWNJs they are completely incapable of compassion or empathy – and the only way to teach ’em is to give them a taste of their own medicine.

    Hey, maybe it would do the grandkids some good, maybe they’d grow up to be decent people instead of Trumps.


    • Read Strangers Drowning by Larissa MacFacquhar, a work that explores the morality of people who put their own kith and kin in jeopardy to save others.

      Trump is doing right by this country.

      MAGA, one deportee at a time

  3. Melania Trump visited a US detention facility on the Mexico border. Did she have another agenda?

    What’s thr Mexican positon on refugees, Ted ? You might just be on to something…. 😉


    • Hi there, Henri!

      The Mexican elections are coming up next week, although I can’t figure out why anyone would run. Eighteen mayoral candidates have been killed this year.

      It seems reasonable to believe that Mexicans bring Mexico wherever they go, Hondurans bring Honduras, and of course, Swedes bring Swedes. Good luck to the Swedish Democrats in your upcoming election!

  4. Glenn

    According to the scientific community, germs cause disease and infection. Disease and infection can make us sick. They can even kill us.

    That is why I wash my hands. I also avoid crowds, whatever kind of park in which they may be. Illegal aliens probably do not go to ball games, but communicable diseases do not stop at the southern border.

    The New England Journal of Medicine notes a 9.2 incidence of tb among immigrants. Since legal immigrants get screened, the immigrants of which it speaks would have to be illegal. Americans who have contracted tb, a highly contagious disease, Glenn, probably have gotten it from an illegal alien. Don’t give yourself too many pages on the back.

    Dysentery and leprosy, typhoid and tapeworm, are also being seen in the United States. Remember, many of your cherished immigrants work in food services. Don’t be so glib about germs.

    Less genetic variation means more beautiful people. These mestizos look foul. We need a law that says only attractive people will be admitted to the United States.

    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      “Less genetic variation means more beautiful people.”

      That must be why American Nazis find their mothers and sisters so irresistibly desirable.

      I don’t think inbreds are beautiful, but each Nazi to his own.

      • I hate seeing anything contaminated by undesirable genes. The success of any line depends on the purity of the parents.

        Let us hope that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not reproduce together.

    • > germs cause disease and infection. Disease and infection can make us sick.

      Hallelujah Brutha!

      When did you come upon this revelation? Last time we talked you thought that disease was caused by evil gay spirits.

      > I hate seeing anything contaminated by undesirable genes.

      Me too! It’s so nice when we can agree like this! It’s is a YUGE blessing to the human race that you haven’t figured out how to reproduce. Keep it up! (so to speak)

  5. While the NYT keeps busy with its daily migrant sob story, since May, on the border with Mexico, ICE agents have seized 360,000 pounds of marijuana, 7,200 pounds of meth, 5,300 pounds of cocaine, 500 pounds of heroin, and 300 pounds of fentanyl.

    Also in the last five months there has been a 314% in people arriving at the border fraudulently claiming to be a family.

    Be like Saudi Arabia. Build the Wall!

    • Americans must hate living in America if it takes so much drug use to make life here bearable.

      Drugs, and high suicide and murder rates are evidence that life in America is no paradise.

      You have enough money to live comfortably and yet, to judge from your writing, you are still miserable and paranoid.

      You might like to build a bunker to feel safe like your idol AH did. But he killed himself while hiding from all the enemies he made while trying to “improve” society.

      Are you going to make your name public after you jail, deport. or kill all of your enemies, or will you still have to hide away isolated and anonymous, with your lips remaining sealed shut in public?

      • @Glenn

        Paying for other people’s problems (1.1 billion a year on refugees) is depressing. And America would be more of a paradise if illegals were kept out. I don’t know how to do links here, but you may want to google Insider Fox News to see the American Family recently killed by an illegal in a car crash. Two beautiful children gone because we don’t have borders. Their blood is on the Left’s hands.

      • @Glenn

        But school’s out so it is ten weeks of bliss. Workplaces are toxic. Few people like their jobs. I work about 100 days a year, a couple hours a day. Could it get better?

        AT’s name shall never be revealed. Where would I dine? Who would I teach?

      • “AT’s name shall never be revealed. Where would I dine? Who would I teach?

        Perhaps you could retreat to a mountain redoubt, and have children surreptitiously transported you to satisfy your need for the comfort of their company.

        There may be some separated children lost to their parents forever at the US border that will need life coaching from you.

        Children without interfering parents and school administrators would seem ideal for one with your proclivities.

      • The children lucky enough to get transported up the mountain would find themselves raised correctly, well-behaved, excellent morals, and subsequently unfit to descend the mountain and resume life in American society.

      • > AT’s name shall never be revealed.

        Whyever not?

        According to Awesome Teacher’s own witness, Awesome Teacher is loved by all. A paragon among academicians; revered by students, beloved of parents, and dominated by a certain Vice Principal who appreciates a man that knows how to perform worship upon his knees.

        Reveal thyself, Awesome Teacher, and reap the rewards thou so richly deserve.

        I’ll make popcorn.

      • > Kennedy’s Out!

        Over a century and a half of great strides in civil rights, and Bush & Trump will flush it all down the toilet (along with workers’ rights and the environment)

        John Roberts, et al, have never *read* the Constitution, much less followed their oaths to defend it.

        The US is no longer a shining beacon of freedom, but is rather regressing into barbarism. The good news is that the Trump Chumps will hasten the destruction of the country they despoiled. The only remaining question is which they’ll destroy the planet first.

      • @ch

        As usual, you make little sense.

        Do you ever read your work before posting it?

      • @AT

        As usual, you make little sense.

        Do you ever read your work before posting it?

      • Voting in this country is just going to be a racial head count. Interesting that Ocasio-Cortez did not get the black vote though.

    • @ch and Glenn the left always resorts to ad hominem attacks because it can’t win on ideas

      Step it Up, Donald. Time to add to that SCOTUS ruling.


      • Just out of curiously – did you bother to go to the top of this column and re-read the post to which we are ostensibly replying?

        “Weh! Weh! Weh! No fair! They hit me back!

      • “Building the Wall is the Best Way to End the Humanitarian Crisis on the Southern Border” by Brandon Judd, U.S. Border Patrol


      • > “Building the Wall is the Best Way to …

        … pretend that the problem doesn’t exist. Just cover your eyes and go on about your life. You got yours, why worry about other people? (other than the fact that Jesus said you should …)

        News Flash: covering up your eyes won’t make the humanitarian crisis go away. Even if the wall worked (it won’t) it wouldn’t solve the crises, although it might move them elsewhere.

        Here’s a little lesson in the wall as taught by Grover of Sesame Street:

      • You’re using Sesame Street (and of course, Jesus) to refute Border Patrol Agent Brandon Judd?

        You’re funny.

        Shouldn’t you be out getting arrested or something, putting your body on the line on behalf of marginalized peoples?

      • > Border Patrol Agent Brandon Judd?

        Nope. I’m using “logic” to refute Agent Judd. Building a wall will neither stop the drug lords nor quell the violence in Honduras. The border is not the cause – it’s the disparity between life to the north and south of that border. To fix problems you must address the causes rather than the symptoms.

        > Jesus

        the real question here is why a supposed christian doesn’t pay attention to Jesus. 90% of his sermons were about how people should treat other people. Okay, he never heard of Honduras – but neither did he hear about Britain or Sweden. The only white people he ever met were his Roman oppressors. It’s rather hard to believe that he would value whites over people closer to his own color.

        > Sesame Street

        Yep. Even a puppet understands why The Wall won’t work.

      • #Cliche

        We’re agreed. The wall won’t stop the violence and drugs in Central America. (The Central Americans have to stop it.)

        The Wall will stop it from coming here, just as Saudi Arabia’s wall has kept ISIS out and Hungary’s wall is keeping out scroungers, oops, I meant migrants.

        The U.S. has been trying to address the causes. We give Honduras $128 million a year, 86% of which is for economic assistance (Source: U.S. Aid). Also, from 1998 to 2001, we gave Honduras $461 million in aid due to Hurricane Mitch (Source: Wikipedia).

        The Hondurans don’t have very much to show for all we have given them.

        You’re not suggesting that we go down there and do it for them, are you?

        Rudyard Kipling


        Take up the white man’s burden
        Send forth the best ye breed
        Go bind your sons to exile
        To serve your captives’ needs
        To wait in heavy harness
        On fluttered folk and wild
        Your new-caught sullen peoples
        Half-devil and half-child

        (Souce: The Poetry Project)

      • > The Wall will stop it from coming here,

        Are you saying that Grover is smarter than you are? Don’t expect me to argue the point. We’ve already got boats, tunnels, drones, planes, catapults and commercial airline passengers who sit funny. The wall won’t stop any of those. If it has any effect at all, it will be to increase prices and therefore the incentive to even more violence.

        > The U.S. has been trying to address the causes.

        Funny thing! Ted just wrote an article about that very delusion. Maybe you should try reading it. (Hint: Page up)


        My father fought in WWII – your kind were the bad guys. You still are. You have no place in civilized society.

      • @cliche

        When all else fails, call your opponent a Nazi.

        Let me quote one of my heroes from the Second World War:

        “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.” (Yamamoto)

        As I pointed out to you, walls work. LOTS of countries have them. Go on Wikipedia for a complete list.

        I did indeed read Ted’s column. Does this mean that my tax dollars can stop being spent down there?

        Take up the White Man’s Burden
        In patience to abide
        To veil the threat of terror
        and check the show of pride
        By open speech and simple
        An hundred times made plain
        To seek another’s profit
        And work another’s gain
        (Source: The Poetry Project)

        You better get down there, Crazy H. The Hondurans need you!

      • > When all else fails, call your opponent a Nazi.

        I’m confused again. I was under the impression you thought that the Nazis were the good guys. You’ve heaped praise upon their leader, goals, strategy, and tactics. You’ve even tried a little Holocaust Denial.

        Real Americans do not do these things. Real Americans fight these things, as did my father and the 400,000+ Real Americans who died fighting these things.

        Godwin himself has pointed out that his law only predicts the probability of a comparison to Hitler; it does not predict whether any one particular comparison is valid.

      • Your hyperbole is amusing.

        I merely pointed out that Hitler was one of many mass murderers of the 20th century, and yet while others names are forgotten, his remains synonymous with evil.

        You are very fond of referencing your father. Well, I had two uncles who fought at the Battle of the Bulge and both would be sick at the degenerate rot the left has made of this country.

        Nevertheless, to paraphrase the great Yamamoto, the giant is now awake.

        Honduras might be an ideal venue for your ilk, Crazy H

    • > Your hyperbole is amusing.

      Your feeble attempts to disown your own words are amusing. There’s a reason Ted doesn’t allow people to edit their comments. You can’t unsay what you’ve already said, Nutzi.

      • Take up the white man’s burden
        The savage wars of peace
        Fill full the mouth of famine
        And bid the sickness cease
        And when your goal is nearest
        The end for others sought
        Watch sloth and heathen folly
        Bring all your Hope’s to nought.

        Get thee to Honduras, Crazy One

  6. Hey, Everyone

    Read the “The Aslyum Seeker” from The New Yorker. Wonderful, well-documented article about people who lie to get aslyum, are coached by traitors in the United States and have fraudulent applications filed on their behalf by traitorous law firms.

    • Yes, some people lie to get asylum. Please provide documentation as to what percentage of asylum-seekers are liars or GTFO.

      Are you willing to abide by the same rules you expect of others? You lie in order to denigrate those same asylum seekers. You lie about gays, blacks, and Jews. You cause them far more harm than a scared two-year-old girl ever caused you.

      BY YOUR OWN REASONING – that fact that SOME Kathy-Licks tell lies means that ALL Kathy-licks should be deported.

      Deal or no deal?

      • AT is a hateful, lying, thieving, murdering, pederast.

        This resident troll is a figment of his own sordid imagination.

        And since he is not a real person, he can’t be slandered or harmed by the things he says or the things others say about him.

        AT wants to be your personal piñata.

      • > I neither work for you nor make deals with you.

        More to the point, you are completely & utterly unable to back up your BS.

      • Ocasio-Cortez is going to be a big problem for white male Democrats across this country. The very people whose butts they were kissing for votes are going to throw them out.

  7. As The New Yorker article maintains, people create horror stories in order to gain access to this country and its benefits.

    The United States signed on to the Convention Regarding Refugees in 1951, 66 years ago. Given that most people have no documentation to prove their atrocities and are willing to say anything to get what they want, the United States needs to reassess its commitment to the treaty.

    All nations have an obligation to assess what is in their interests and renegotiate if necessary.

    • How you English say, I one more time-a unclog my nose in your direction, sons of a window-dresser! So, you think you could out-clever us French folk with your silly knees-bent running about in dancing behavior! I wave my private parts at your aunties, you cheesy lot of second hand electric donkey bottom biters.

      • Ted notes today that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary. White liberals are going to be paid back. I’m delighted.

      • Ocasio-Cortez will be a horror story. No borders, free everything, and the Wonders of Venezuela.

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