Maybe You Should Go Easy Next Time

Democrats defend Biden for taking classified documents home with him on the grounds that he took fewer and that he turned them in voluntarily, unlike Trump. Problem is, Biden was so vituperative when talking about Trump’s irresponsibility. Hypocrisy is political Kryptonite.

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  • Although I find it a bit Draconian, taking secure documents to insecure spaces is severely punishable even when there is no intent to keep or publicize the documents. Thus, even though I find this aspect of the law out of proportion, Biden needs to be investigated.

    Trump did this big league. He deliberately and repeatedly tried to thwart the retrieval of the secure documents. This is the sort of behavior where fewer of us would say that the law is Draconian.

  • The double irony is that they could have come after DT for any number of transgressions: from his business dealings to the emoluments clause. Effectively his presidency doubled as PR for his Mar-a-Lago Club, etc.

    They let all this slide since who in the gentlemen’s club wants to enforce laws against taking out cookies out of jars they tend to get their hands stuck in?

    Next thing you know, Romney’s “hedge fund” dealings would be fair game, as would Pelosi’s and Feinstein’s etc. stock trades

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