Maybe We Can Use Her Incompetence

Kamala Harris is more than the vice president of the United States, she is clearly the president in waiting for someone who is too old and infirm for the job. He keeps handing off responsibilities to her but she doesn’t seem able to fulfill her many jobs so far.

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  • alex_the_tired
    June 9, 2021 10:43 AM

    Were Harris to win in 2024, she’d start a war because, welp, she has to in order to show how tough she is. Look out Easter Island, San Marino, and Lichtenstein. You’re just about the size the U.S. likes to pick on.
    But I think we don’t have to worry. As her ex, former San Fran mayor Willie Brown, wrote in an editorial a little while back: “Historically, the vice presidency has often ended up being a dead end. For every George H.W. Bush, who ascended from the job to the presidency, there’s an Al Gore, who never got there.”
    Barring a remarkable fluke, the midterms will hand official control of the Senate and House back to the Republicans. That will be the end of the Biden presidency. Harris’ two years of not much at all really will metastasize into a campaign that will make Hillary Clinton look warm and authentic with a razor-sharp sense of spontaneity and humor. The progressive demand for someone like AOC will be ignored, which will further curtail Harris’ vote totals — nose-holding has, I suspect, finally achieved “work-your-way-through-college-waiting-tables” in the politisphere.
    The Republicans? Unless he’s struck dead by a bolt of lightning on one of his golf courses, Trump’s going to run in 2024. The Republicans are already working on the necessary tweaks to exclude enough voters to ensure his victory.
    Even a war won’t help Harris.

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