May You Invade in Interesting Times

President Joe Biden says he’s willing to go to war militarily against China in order to defend Taiwan if China invades. But that’s hard to square with the fact that the United States doesn’t recognize Taiwan as a sovereign country in the first place.

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  • Ted, perhaps facetiously, seems to expect logic and consistency from a) the Democrats b) the Dem president and c) the Dem president’s National Security Advisor. We know that “a)” and “b)” are incapable of logic and consistency … about anything useful for more than 0.01% of the population anyway. The person at “c)” once worked for Hillary Clinton who is on video (in)famously telling China (and, of course, Russia) that they will “pay the price” for horning-in on OUR effin’ excellent war in Syria

    The only reason China could conceivably desire to invade Taiwan would be if the US/Pres. Dirty Harry convinced (i.e., paid off, another $40 billion?) Taiwan legislators to declare their island’s independence from China.

    Only about 5% of the Taiwan population wants such declaration according to a poll result I heard/read. (Forgot the source but something very commie, obviously.) Of course, a government that would endanger its very existence at the urging of the likes of Pantload Biden certainly could not be considered to have the welfare of it citizens as a top priority. (See, for example (-)*olodymyr (-)*elenskyy.)

    In the US political good old days, a party might start a war sometime before an upcoming election to try to help the outcome. It appears the modern Democrats, having miserably flubbed their current hold on government, are willing to turn the surface of the globe into a dead zone to avoid both a) US loss of global hegemony and b) the 2022 midterms.
    * “this letter forbidden by Ukraine/Nazi-philes

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