In an interview, Pres. Obama said that he would have to think long and hard before he sent a son off to play football because of the high risk of head injuries. Which prompts the question: would Obama let his son go to war? Now that his girls could become combat troops in Iraq or Afghanistan, in just three years, the question is no longer academic.

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  • Thanks for your contribution to adult education,Ted.

    Another hit directly on target.

    I can see Obamabot heads exploding after reading this. It’s everything a political cartoon should be in a free society of thinking adults.

    I’m waiting to see your critics attempt to put there fingers to their keyboards on this. It should be hilarious.

  • I know, assholes, that “there” should be “their.”

  • Malia….Mali….nice pun, Ted. I appreciate a good pun. I am an Obama supporter, but not becuase of his policies….I’m an Obama supporter out of vengeance, and I know this makes me a petty person, but that’s OK too.. We need to stop pretending that we like to see people put their lives at risk for our amusement…..the downfall of western civilization was when the Romans stopped feeding Christians to lions for amusement.

  • Good one, Aggie_Dude. You crack me up.

    I actually support Obama and Hitler too, except for their policies.


  • This is why the US should move away from 100% volunteer armed forces. If some of the soldiers belonged to members of the elite, rather than a large percentage that chose the military for a career because their prospects for employment were bleek everywhere else, then maybe there would be more of an awareness of what we are actually doing with our military.

  • Totally rikster,

    The stupid asses who call themselves progressives and believe that the systemically created desperately poor people who “volunteer” to kill mostly non-white people in other geographic regions should be drafted, as well as the offspring and wives of the profiteers and ruling elite who organize these sporting bloodfests.

  • aaronwilliams135
    February 7, 2013 9:38 PM

    Sheesh, another drone piece, another piece equating Pakistani kids with our kids…. For a guy so against self-plagiarism, you sure do seem to do this piece a lot.

    Dood, Pakistani kids are not the same as or kids. They are crazed, rag wearing, world domination seeking muslims.

    We are crazed, non rag wearing, world domination seeking christians jews and athiests.

    As the Highlander knew full well, there can be only one.

    It’s a war. One side has to kill the other side.

    All of your peace, love and equality schtick, which i’m all for, btw, only applies to the Ingroup. Pakistanis ain’t it, bro.

    If you need some help deciding which side you are on, then do some pieces criticizing their prophet and his nasty teachings

  • Glenn, Godwin’s Law has been served…..thank you for mentioning Hitler.

    Obama is not Hitler. I am a citizen and I vote, I have a right to enjoy the everyday humor of watching right wing idiots tear their eyes out because we have a black president. What else can I do? Be pissed at it? I spent my 20s being angry….it’s not worth it.

  • But as long as it’s not personal, Ted – and carefully selected lawyers say it’s OK – then all those interminable wars must be the wise and just thing to do(so long as the troops don’t play that dangerous version of rugby known ’round the world as «US football» while off duty)…


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