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George W. Bush never would have been able to go to war against Iraq if Joe Biden hadn’t gathered the necessary Democratic votes to support him. Biden has never apologized. He simply makes excuses and would probably do the same exact thing again. Should we elect such a man to the presidency?

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  • But Ted, those 1 000 000 peeps were foreigners and Arabs, next thing to Blacks. Who cares ?…


  • alex_the_tired
    July 24, 2020 9:03 AM

    Well, Henri beat me to the punch; I was going to post a similar observation. In part I hesitated because I do not think people understand sarcasm anymore. That, in addition to how *sensitive* so many on the purported Left claim to be. I need my low-pay part-time job. Until, um, Biden turns the economy aro … aro … a ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, God, I almost said it with a straight face. If Good Ol’ Joe manages to win the election, he will stall out the economy like a 17-year-old working a stickshift for the first time. Nancy Pelosi and all the ilk in D.C. will do fine, don’t worry. The whole country will fall into a depression and the MSM will blame Trump. Goldman Sachs and the 1%? They’ll do fine. Just keep whispering that to yourself as you squat over a subway ventilation grate to relieve yourself around this time next year. Don’t worry. There’ll be so many homeless by then, you won’t even notice the stink.

  • The difference I see between Trump and Biden is this: both are evil, but Trump is incompetent, whereas Biden, or whosever’s holding the remote, at least might be competent. So we might be better off with Trump. Not going to vote for either, however.

  • To Henri & Alex,

    Let us not forget that the million non-people to which you refer were the casualties of Iraq War #2. In Iraq War #1 and the “economic sanctions” that intervened, at least an additional 1.5 million died.

    At the start of Iraq War #1, Joe (h,wygwtfiym) Biden was about half way into his illustrious senate career. For the life of me, I don’t remember him saying, much less doing, anything to try to prevent the first two episodes.

    Of course, the same can be said for the vast majority of the Dems, who, as we have read on this site, were ushered into the third phase by J ( … ) B himself. (Dennis Kucinich, who, among many other anti-war activities, proposed a Department of Peace, was driven out of congress by Obumma and his faithful side-kick, you–know-who.)

  • The US has been prudently bringing peace and prosperity, freedom and democracy to impuissant countries like Panama. Trump ordered Canada to arrest a Chinese lady for selling a smart phone to Iran. And Obama ordered the UK to arrest the Australian who commited treason against the US by publishing Top Secret flim showing how America brought some members of the jihadist, terrorist group Reuters to justice, making it far too easy for future members of that jihadist organisation to avoid neutralisation. Biden, of course, has shown he will have America spread peace and prosperity, freedom and democracy, not just to impuissant nations like his predecessors, but to Russia and China. France and Germany had no trouble defeating Russia, and just about the whole world managed to keep China in check from the 19th century until 1949. So I’m sure Biden won’t have any trouble doing to Russia and China the same as the US did to Grenada and Panama. What could possibly go wrong???

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