Lucky Stiffs

50 million abortions have been carried out since 1973, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Since at least 40 million people are unemployed, that’s probably just as well.

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  • Why can’t rightie figure this out?

  • Well, a lot of them would be dead by now, so they wouldn’t really count.

  • Don’t forget the interaction affect between unwanted births and poverty… fact the compound impact would make it even worse.

    If the right wing wants people to not abort fetuses, why don’t they simply work to make the place a more desirable place to have children? My baby girl (born on the 10th anniversary of 9/11) already apparently has a $50,000 lump of debt attached to her.

    ~~~~sings /*”…And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I (cough, cough, hack, cough) know I’m free…”*/~~~~~~

  • WoW! Ted! Are you really buying into the misdirection you used to make fun of? Has the latest GOP sandbox of village idiots actually pulled you into their tarbox of non-issues?? I think there are a lot more important issues than the constant replay of the abortion issue, and this issue can only re-surface as an issue because the Federal Gov. stepped in before abortion was resolved by enough States first. So – it continues to re-surface because there are still people who want to control your lives according to their religious laws. I have the same opinion that Bill Maher has espoused so correctly. If you want to believe that the minute you ejaculate creates a third person, and that there are guys that fly around and listen to you and do mysterious religious things that you can’t understand, but believe in because you were indoctrinated at an early age, and still can’t think for yourself, then I guess you’ll buy a car from Obama or Romney, huh?

  • Dang! I just posted and then saw that “burning Korans” has become the latest BIG NEWS. Geez! I’m lagging behind in the latest big religious issues, huh? Never mind abortion, huh, it’s outright religious fighting? Another diversion.
    I must be nuts to keep focusing on what is happening in the background while all these really impotent issues occupy everyone.
    I would rather see news about “burning Bank and Investment CEOs” and “burning Corporations” than this low-level useless crap.

  • @rikster: abortion is an important non-issue because it preserves the notion that you have a real “choice” between the political duoloply, and it serves to rally the faithful on both sides to work for one of the wings of the bird of prey.
    Speaking of “choice”, isn’t it interesting that the 20-year old college student doesn’t really have a right to her own body when it comes to buying a bottle of Merlot, or having a beer with her date?

  • When the murder – in war or by «judicial execution» – of people who have been carried to term and whose «personhood« is therewith obvious has been effectively and universally banned, it might not be unreasonable to turn one’s concerns towards the fate of fertilised ova or indeed, of spermatozoa and ova that might possibly meet in one Fallopian tube or another. Until such time, however….


  • facetious at best! the 50 million would create demand for goods and services and create jobs. Much like kicking millions off of welfare in the 90s caused the economy to boom. those people were forced to take jobs, because of their new found wealth…aka a paycheck…demand for goods and services rose and even more jobs were created.

    I don’t think Rall is particularly impressed with the way things are now. Do you realize if there were no abortions, the politically power of some voting blocks would be vastly increased, perhaps to nationwide majority status. maybe they blew their big chance to change things for the better by being bent on self genocide.

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