Losing It

The US fights wars on three fronts: Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

11 thoughts on “Losing It

  1. It is all one front, the War on Terrorism.

    Once we get the ring leader, Osama bin Laden, we will bring our troops home and. . . . .

    Oh fuck it, lets just take over the region so we can have our oil.

  2. I don’t think this is an accurate comparison, the US has a large military presence in many more than three areas; The Korean Peninsula, Europe, including clandestine operations all over Eastern Europe, Latin America, Japan…..for cripes sake we’ve got us soldiers stationed in the UK (unless that’s changed fairly recently). All of these operations are a substantial drain on human, financial and material resources. This country is stretched thin, but you know, the top 2% or so are making filthy amounts of money, so it’s good…..Wall Street is happy, that means things are great…life is great.

    As long as we ignore 99.99% of the human population, things are fantastic, Ted…really charming, now let’s all go pray to our gods for lower taxes and a constitutional ban on gays and abortion.

  3. Of course Germany did fight on three fronts in WWII, unless you count Italy/North Africa as the “western front”

    Four if you include the air war, five if you include the U-Boat war, but that’s nitpicking 🙂

  4. You might want to remember, Albert Cirrus, that the US didn’t open a major second front in Europe (D-Day) until the Soviet momentum in rolling back the Germans had become unstoppable. Don’t know, however, what Ms Palin has to say on the matter….


  5. Actually America is in Pakistan, and probably a few other countries as well, so its much more than a three front war. If you have an Arab complexion, America knows whats best for your country!

  6. For some reason I think Ted is a historical militaria freak. I mean, all his German uniforms have the insignias and medals on the correct locations.

    However, the Luftwaffe officer’s uniform is not quite the correct shade of blue I think.

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