Looking Good

In a landmark decision, a Florida court has allowed a guy accused of murder to use makeup to cover up his scary Nazi tattoos.

5 thoughts on “Looking Good

  1. A ray of sanity, Howard Dean hates President Obama’s omnibus deal with the Republicans. Is that Hope I see that the incumbent President will be properly challenged for the Democratic nomination in 2012 ? After all, Ronald Reagan had to try twice for the presidential nomination. Please, please start running Howard.

  2. Obama with a swastika on his face. Shocking, sure. But aren’t you worried about wearing out the symbolism of the Third Reich to the point that it will become trite? Last night I was reading about a day in 1941 when the Werhmacht trapped 300 men women and children inside a church in Croatia and every one of them to death with spiked clubs. Don’t you think equating Obama to the regime that killed ~11 million people is demeaning to the victims of the actual Holocaust?

  3. Wait a minute, isn’t the Swastika was the symbol of the TEA Party? The Teabaggers are always marching around with Swastika billboards. One has to assume they’re trying to imitate a more successful white trash power movement from the past.

    Why make Obama wear the other guys’ symbol?

  4. The last panel, methinks, a bit far.

    Obama’s only responsible for something around 5,000~10,000 deaths across Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and if you want to count blowback, Pakistan. If you count blowback from terrorists, then somewhere in the region of 15,000? Unless there are deaths in Iraq I am unaware of.

    But yeah, maybe a skull and crossbones rather than a swastika?

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