Linguistic Ethnic Cleansing

Supporters of Israel claim that, before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, there was never a nation called Palestine or people called Palestinians. While the second statement is untrue, one wonders, even if this were true, how would that justify the colonial takeover and displacement of the people who lived there before?

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  • Before 1948 there was no state of Israel.
    (Add “semite” to the ethnically cleansed vocabulary.)

  • alex_the_tired
    December 11, 2023 8:57 AM

    Whether it’s a dinner party where some trustfund boomer argues ad nauseam about whether Palestinians are real or a Congressional hearing where a Harvard president is outwitted by some jumped-up trailer park trash with something crazy in her eyes trying to claw its way out, it’s the fault of the left. For decades, they’ve been elevating hyper-hyperminiscule differences in shadings of words to make the language of discourse impenetrable to pretty much everyone except the Elect few who are also indoctrinated into the arcana.

    And now we have it all falling apart around our ears. Trump’s going to goosestep right on into office. How? No one who could explain the problem was permitted to speak by the intelligentsia.
    “The man’s insane!”
    “Oh, I object to the use of a binary construct of gender identification, qua gender identification, as it’s colonial, sexist, patriarchal, hierarchical, and cisnormative. Such toxicity has no place here!”
    “Fine. Fine. The male-presenting person is insane!”
    “Well, what is sanity, post-Modernity speaking?” etc.

  • The Jews came from Ur to the land of the Philistines. King Saul began killing Philistines.

    G_d condemned King Saul for killing thousands of Philistines.

    G_d praised King David for killing tens of thousands.

    (This has been going on a loooong time.)

    ‘This land has always been inhabited by Jews, the Philistines are interlopers,’ means the person saying that has never read the Bible, which clearly states that the Philistines were there before the Jews.

  • Those who cannot avoid the cocktail party, which Zionists will attend, may want to arrive with copies of the wiki
    article “Timeline of the name Palestine.” It is at this link

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