Obama’s attorney general announced that the Department of Justice will not prosecute anyone for the murders of CIA detainees during the Bush years in Iraq and Afghanistan. Still, despite this and Guantanamo, most Americans still think Obama is likeable—a key factor in this year’s campaign.

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  1. Indeed, likable and consistent.

    Just as anyone killed by drone bombs is, by definition, posthumously declared a militant thus deserving of atomization, the Bush detainees were obviously guilty because they were detained. Their murders were both a service to the country and a real relief for those busy court schedules.

  2. It’s not true that no one has been prosecuted. Bradley Manning has certainly been prosecuted for letting information out, and the US government is doing everything it can to get Europe to hand over Julian Assange for prosecution.

    The deaths in Guantánamo are NOT a problem if we can just keep such things from getting out.

    Just as with the ‘enhanced interrogation’ at Abu Ghraib, where those who released the Top Secret information were severely punished for releasing the information, only those who let information get out will be punished.

    The prisoners in Guantánamo will be incarcerated for life without parole. If tried and acquitted, they’ll still be held for life without parole. This is War, and anything and everything the US does is legal under International Law: everyone killed by the US is a criminal terrorist, and so deserves to die. The US must kill all the men terrorists, all the women terrorists, and all the baby terrorists to keep the entire world safe.

    And then, for some inexplicable reason, the world doesn’t seem to respond with the gratitude the US so richly deserves.

  3. President Obama at Nuremberg, 1945:

    The president reiterated that we need to look forward not backward.

    All trials have been suspended and a popularity contest will be held instead, “Vote for your favorite Nazi.”

    Meanwhile, the DOJ promised to vigorously prosecute any whistleblowers who leak information about the activities of the former Adolf Hitler administration.

  4. @ Ted, hope you’re working on something re: the fed’s new round of quantitative easing. It’s a trickle-down beauty; heads the rich get richer, tails the rich get richer. Oh yeah, and maybe just maybe, indirectly you understand, a few jobs might be created.

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