Like Obama. But White.

What will Romney run against? The worst things about Obama are things that Romney agrees with.

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  1. Brilliant, and, as the teacher observed, a lot of people who think they are on the opposite side will vote for Obama just because he’s sorta Black (but won’t admit it).

  2. Exactly – it becomes harder and harder to run against someone if you are both controlled and funded by the same corporations and special interests, huh? Why is everything in the NEWZ about rehashed issues, and nothing about about the endless wars and waste our country continues to pursue?

  3. False, false, way too soon to make that claim (given the ongoing investigations and the fact that 99% of what the banksters did was legal), and not entirely Obama’s fault- there weren’t enough votes to get one passed.

    .5 correct out of four, only because I’m being generous. And you wonder why nobody on the left wants your cartoons.

    Your cartoons used to be funny, because they were true. But you really stopped giving a crap about truth when Obama didn’t meet your pie-in-the-sky expectations, didn’t you? Sad, really.

  4. Ted,

    To be fair, he did help the homeless. For a little while. Not enough to help the majority of the people who got gutted by the economic depression (sorry, sorry, it was only a recession, because, well, because that’s what everyone said it was when they finished massaging all the numbers), but, well, it’s not like they matter anyway.

    Obama’s handlers do realize he hasn’t won the election yet, right? Because he’s pretty much out of time to pull an economy-rabbit out of the hat. So unless he’s going to be able to figure out a way to get yet another war onto the plate, I’m thinking we’re all going to be looking at the Romney for the next eight years as our fearless leader.


    You say “false” to “Didn’t help the jobless or the foreclosure victims.” As I mentioned above, he did help, for a little while. No, I don’t expect him to help every single person for the next 50 years, but the numbers don’t lie: unemployment (the real numbers, not the lobotomized bull the New York Times regurgitates all the time) is still in the double-digits. The housing market is still crap. Doing it half-way is worse than doing nothing. It’s the reverse of stockpiling enough supplies for five people and then trying to keep 50 alive. In both cases, the resources are squandered.

    For the third item, you say it’s too soon to make the claim given the ongoing investigations and how 99% of what the bankers did was legal. And how much longer shall we all wait for the investigations? Two more years? Five more years? Ten more years? The longer it takes, the easier it will be for any penalties to be appealed and overturned (due to the length of time gone past). Given that the investigations (such as they are) are ongoing, how can anyone make the claim that 99% of what ther bankers did was legal?

    As for the healthcare issue… I’m sorry Obama didn’t have enough votes. But isn’t that getting a little stale? A president isn’t judged by how many easy votes he won. He’s judged by how many of the hard ones he won. And Obama seems to only be interested in really digging in when he knows ahead of time that he’s going to win anyway.

    Perhaps no one on the left wants the cartoons because:

    1. Everyone wants everything for free now.
    2. Ted paints a bleak, but factual, portrait which leads unavoidably to a nasty conclusion: we’re all screwed. The Dems and the Reps are interchangeable and we are all going to live worse than our parents or grandparents, despite all the shiny toys in the Best Buy window.
    3. People have given up. Look at OWS. If that’s the best the opposition to neoliberalism can do, we’d better all start brushing up on our German.

  5. @alex-

    “You say “false” to “Didn’t help the jobless or the foreclosure victims.” As I mentioned above, he did help, for a little while.”

    And had Ted worded the cartoon to read “Didn’t do ENOUGH to help the homeless or foreclosure victims.” I wouldn’t have had an issue with it (other than to point out who actually blocked more aid from going to homeless and foreclosure victims). Words matter. I won’t stand for anti-Obama BS when Republicans spew it, and I sure as hell wont stand for it when it’s spewed by someone supposedly on our side. You use the truth you get funny cartoons; you use anti-Obama BS you get lame ones. And Ted’s been on a lame cartoon streak ever since he realized Obama wasn’t going to meet his expectations (without apparently giving much thought to how ridiculous his expectations were).

    As for the investigations, they take as long as they take. You rush an investigation, you get lousy investigations. I mean seriously, do you harangue your local police department like this? They’re doing a good job- they’ve eliminated quite a lot already as being legal at the time, and they’re working on the rest. I’m sorry you don’t like the results, but some of us don’t like the idea of setting the precedent of punishing people for doing legal (if unethical and immoral) things and have no doubt that proper punishment will be applied for illegal activities when the investigations are finished.

    “The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”- MLK

    Now, on to the public option. No, that argument is not getting stale, because you refuse to acknowledge it. I’m going to keep pointing it out over and over- THERE WERE NOT ENOUGH VOTES. There isn’t a person on the PLANET who could’ve gotten one through given the circumstances.

    It’s like there’s a 10,000 pound elephant in the living room, and I keep pointing out how no one could pick up that elephant and you keep going – “Oh, Obama could’ve picked up that elephant if he really wanted to.” Frankly, its your denial of reality that’s getting stale, not my continuing defense of it.

    Two last things:
    1- Good job bringing your Luddite beliefs into a topic that has no relation to them.
    2- Take a picture of your face when Obama wins re-election (if we had honest elections, I’d say handily, but we don’t so it’ll be a bit of a squeaker.) I’d love to see the disappointment on it. Americans are stupid, sure, but suicidally stupid enough to elect Romney? No way in hell.

  6. The privilige of satire – it cuts to the quick. Thanks, Ted ; this was brilliant ! Wonder if Mr Romney will expand the use of drones or extend the Southwest and Central Asian wars to, say, Pakistan and Yemen, if he becomes US president ?…


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