Liberal Who Cares Deeply About the Republican Party

Why do some liberals spend so much time advising the GOP how to do better in elections? Why do they expect Republicans to listen?

7 thoughts on “Liberal Who Cares Deeply About the Republican Party

  1. There’s a shallowly hidden gratification that comes with the feeling that the Republican Party is screwed nationally…it’s the new Kool-Aid of “we need two functioning parties” as a way of illustrating how awful the Republican Party is, and how gracious the person giving advice is….they’re ‘taking the high road,’ and it’s what liberals (small ‘l’ liberals) are conditioned to do. It’s important to understand that the role of liberals in modern society is to soften the harshness of fascism…so that we have friendly fascism…fascism that people feel good about.

    My only consolation is that the extreme right buys that “liberals” are the enemy and seeks to destroy them. They have done so with the same impending doom that they celebrated the fall of the Soviet Union. While it feels good to win a battle, ultimately liberals are the only thing standing between the hard right and everyone else realizing their getting screwed.

    Ted, never forget: From the forest itself comes the handle for the ax.

    So say I!

  2. In 2014, vote Whig!

    Can you see the headlines (get it?)?

    Whigs win by a hair.

    I’d better stop, before the taste police put two in the back of my head.

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