Liberal Vote-Shaming Explained

Normally political parties try to attract constituencies but Democrats have an unusual approach to try to get progressives on board with their decidedly corporate centrist candidates this year: yell at them and call them names.

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  • Bingo, Mr Rall! The media say Trump is a big liar. But in any contest for lying, he comes in Last, by any objective observer. And Trump’s great virtue is laziness.
    Anyway, I cannot vote for Trump or Joe, so I’ll vote Green.
    Secretary Clinton keeps saying the Green votes gave us Trump. But since she promised regime change in Russia on Day 1, I figure Green was better than any of the alternatives in ’16, and is still better in ’20.

    • Truman lied about the necessity for nuking Hiroshima. I’m not sure about Ike. Kennedy lied about Cuba. Johnson and Nixon lied about Vietnam. Reagan lied about Grenada and lots of other things. Bush, Sr lied about Iraq. Clinton lied about Hispanics: he removed more than any other president, but hired charismatic Hispanics and African Americans to say he was their best friend, while deporting and gaoling as many as he could. Bush, Jr lied about Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, the DPRK, Libya, and Syria. Obama lied about Hispanics, same as Clinton, and also about ISIS (which he created).

    • “Secretary Clinton keeps saying the Green votes gave us Trump”

      Hillary Clinton lies.

      The Democratic Party lies more than Trump but they care if the people know that they lie.

      Trump doesn’t care if anyone knows he lies. Trump is more honest about his lying

      The worse lie is one that is believed.

      Hillary’s DNC cheated Bernie off the ballot.

      Hillary pushed for Trump as a “Pied Piper Republican candidate” because she was sure she could beat him.

      Hillary was going to be the extension of Obama, and Obama was the extension of George W. Bush.

      So Hillary gave us Trump.

      My vote won’t go to any of the lesser or the greater liars.

      Give me some truth.

  • I just got an email from Kamala Harris about something that happened last night.

    I opened it to see if she was going to say something about the Black man who was shot last night in the back six or seven times by police in front of his children in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

    She had nothing to say about the shooting. She wanted me to donate $25 to the Biden Harris campaign.

    What a pair of insensitive turds.

    Flush them away.

    • I’m waiting in eager anticipation for Harris to come up with some comment contemptuously deriding the BLM movement such as referring to it as “a pack of professional, uppity Blacks.”

      The two Dem candidates are not merely insensitive but, rather, are architects of the fascist police state.

  • Just say «No» – after all, it worked so well with drugs and teen-age pregnancies…. 😉


  • The biggest obstacle to change in the US is the idea that the Democratic leadership is somehow “left.”

  • There is no practical reason for the Democratic leadership to listen to progressives, because they know the progressives will vote for them anyway, just as Black people (for the most part) will. As for the Left, you have to think to be a leftist, so that confines their numbers to 5% or less of the vote, and thus as voters they are not significant.

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