Leftie Come Lately

The case against Bernie Sanders is that he’s too far left to be electable. Now, however, Hillary Clinton is stealing all his ideas, like opposing the TPP and Keystone XL pipeline. Shouldn’t that make her unelectable too?

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  • Good one Ted – that’s true. Still, this is what we get when a group of rich people, corporations and special interests get to pick who the candidates are – and that’s all that’s offered… other than “write in whatever” ! 🙂

  • I saw an article recently about how election promises have very little effect on policy. Went looking for it to cite, and found a bunch of articles claiming that research shows that politicos DO keep their promises.

    Well, we know how well that worked out with O’bummer. Hillary’s all over the map, promising both X and not-X, depending on what the focus group says that day. I guess that means that she’ll have to keep some of her promises, anyway.

    Focus group? Fuck us group?

    In other news: Bernie’s polling around 30% … BUT his supporters are all fired up whereas HRC’s are lukewarm -> given that primaries usually have a low turnout, this could mean that Bernie takes the nomination.

    Grq zragvbarq Oreavr – phr Gebyrpragre.

  • «Everyone knows she’s lying.» Indeed. A classic….


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