The Amazingly Languid Adventures of Bidenman

Joe Biden’s “pause” of a bomb delivery Israel is the embodiment of way too little, way too late to help the Palestinians of Gaza. He’s like the world’s slowest superhero.

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  • alex_the_tired
    May 20, 2024 5:29 AM

    Biden’s response (correction: the response by the people who control Biden) isn’t a case of too little too late. This was exactly the correct response, at exactly the correct time … for those in charge.

    What Biden’s handlers have done is almost identical to how a cop gets up off someone’s throat after about 10 minutes. The body’s still twitching a little — terminal spasm is the medical term, IIRC — so the cop’s union-paid-for attorney can claim, “The suspect was alive when my heroic client got off him. If the perp had stopped resisting, he’d be alive today. My brave client can’t be held responsible for some criminal’s inability to stop resisting. He was in handcuffs, my client has a right to protect himself.”

    Biden’s owners wiped out Gaza (I don’t mean the Israelis, I mean the heads of the multinational corporations). Now that it’s pointless to continue bombing things, they’ve stopped. Soon, they’ll bring in the Third World slave-labor force to put up all those gleaming condominiums and resorts.

    Everybody (who’s rich and powerful) wins. The New York Times will probably get some Pulitzers for their, uh, “incisive” coverage of all this. Who doesn’t sneak the family pet a little bit of steak off the dinner table once in a while?

  • A MeWe friend of mine posted a NYT story this morning…”How The Extremists Took Over Israel.” This Jew had to laugh.

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