Send a Consequence-Free Uncommitted Message, Sorta

Don’t take a risk! Don’t take a chance! Don’t say a thing. Just pretend to care by joining a lame demonstration of protest that will not change a goddamn thing.

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  • alex_the_tired
    March 18, 2024 7:37 AM

    The trend line has been downward with protesters.

    The boomers were in charge for Contragate. And 9/11. They’re still in charge, even now. Gen X has no pipeline in government or big business; the few Gen Xers in positions of power are, ideologically, totally boomers. The millennials? They cut their teeth on the Cheney presidency’s “Freedom Zones” and Zucotti Park/Occupy Wall Street.

    Gen Z? Going by how social media has mutated and stunted both intellectualism AND outrage. Gen Z will soon be coming of age. The effects that social media has had will almost certainly manifest in a near-total absence of resistance leadership from Gen Z. All the people who are qualified to lead have either already been chased off the stage by the SJWs or have (in a nod to Gen X sensibilities) realized there’s no point trying — not with this batch of people in the ranks.

    Smash the button to send your opinion to the White House! That’s how we’ll change things! Sitting on our asses, clicking boxes.

  • That’s a quarter for the swear jar Ted

  • “I put my fingers against the glass/And bowed my head/And cried”

    –the prophet Dylan

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