Labor Surplus / Labor Shortage

When jobs are scarce, workers are told to make big changes in their lives to adjust to reality. Now that workers are scarce, however, whiny employers are offered sympathy rather than given advice to change their obsolete business models.

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  • There’s exactly two kinds of poor people: the unlucky and the stupid. The unlucky understand that if everyone simply refused to do these crap jobs, the wages would go up. Due to their bad luck, they are trapped, economically, with a contingent of simpletons who can never have these facts explained to them.

  • That’s the art of running capitalism.

    Keep the workers desperate enough to accept low wages but not so desperate that they openly seek allies among themselves against their exploiters.

    • Amen, Glenn. Amen.
      Every time I see yet another dust up in the “Critical Race Theory” arena, I just shake my head. While we’re burning up all our energy arguing over exactly how racist everyone is and exactly which acts of obeisance will not square the books anyway but must be performed anyway so that the agitation levels will never drop, the richest 1% (black, brown, white, yellow, red, etc.) just watch us and dab the sweat from their greedy brows. “Phew! Thank God enough of them haven’t figured it out yet. Because the second they do, we’re all going to be hanging from our necks from every lamp post on every corner.”

  • Most presidents say the unemployed lack jobs because of their own faults, and they should try to improve themselves. Trump lied that he would build a wall that would dwarf the one in the PRC, and this would keep those out who were driving down wages. He would force companies to produce locally, restricting foreign-produced goods. And 45% of Americans believed him and voted for him. He was an old-fashioned isolationist, and what did we get? He ordered the troops out of Syria. Three times. None came home. Mad-dog resigned in disgust. Trump proved that if the US president gives an order the US generals don’t like, they won’t do it. The president is only supposed to read the orders written for him to read, orders the US generals have already decided they will execute.

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