Kim Jong-Il, RIP

The dictator of North Korea passes into the afterlife. But which one?

11 thoughts on “Kim Jong-Il, RIP

  1. Who cares where he goes? He’s gone – that’s the best thing. The saddest thing is that most of the American people still think that they are living in the best place in the world. They’ve become so complacent and used to the tyranny of the US Government, along with being ignorant of the rest of the world, that they don’t have a clue as to what they have lost. The 1% bank on this. Keep your eyes on Obama and never look to what the Federal Reserve Bank or what the corporations and bankers do.
    Yeah – keep on looking at Obama and the other candidates – focus on them – Are you feeling sleepy yet?

  2. First, Ted, thank you for slamming the lazy, brain-dead cartoonists, who often literally copy each other’s works.
    Second, rikster, I’m guessing you’ve never set foot outside of this country……….geesh!

  3. Dear Rose, I live in Klaipeda, Lithuania right now, and I don’t think you have set foot outside the ciountry for more than a tour or cruise. Because I have also spent time teaching English to Koreans, I might have an insight or two. Don’t choke on your drool, Rose – we need a few people to be a lert.

  4. Stop begging. Once your begging starts, all your ability to pretend you are nothing more than a wart on a butt somewhere is lost. Please don’t ask us for more money. The cartoons are your creations. If you can’t sell them and live, then do what you do best.

  5. @rikster: I fear Mr. Rall IS doing what he does best, but it’s not paying his bills. I like his cartoons, and think he’s the best cartoonist I follow, but I don’t have any money to send him (thanks to US divorce laws). And I have no solutions.

  6. Excuse me Ross – I am just a transplanted California boy. I know, as a troll, that you have a dying need to be right or insult others. That’s OK. You feel powerless, so you blst me or someone else. Just don’t take it out on me, Ted or the other people posting here. I would suggest that you get a life and have a Happy New Year!

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