Killing People Is Only Wrong When Social Media Does It

In a remark that he later walked back, President Joe Biden complained that social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook are killing people by allowing misinformation on their platforms. He would know something about killing people…

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  • Where do we look for the body count resulting from 40-years of “economic austerity,” the cleanest, most effective weapon of mass destruction ever invented and imposed.

  • alex_the_tired
    August 5, 2021 5:36 AM

    Let’s not forget how he’s killing the democrats’ chances for 2024. Everyone in Washington knew when the eviction moratorium was set to expire, and, um, Biden couldn’t come up with anything until, literally, the last minute (and that patch won’t hold)? Where was his staff? Urging Blondi to find a secret passage out of the bunker? Add it to the long list of screw ups. 2022 won’t have the Trump boogeyman to rally the woke virtue-signallers. Good-bye House, Good-bye Senate. Kamala Harris might want to line up her retirement plans right now (no sense putting it off after the midterms). Let’s all brace for Trump’s return. Dear God.

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