Ken Burns Is Here

Like the fisherman’s wife in the fairy tale, Ukraine keeps asking for more. More money, more weapons, more missiles, now more tanks. Reports say that they are now asking for U.S. fighter jets. Anyone familiar with the history of escalation that led to disaster in the Vietnam war, not to mention Afghanistan and Iraq, knows how this game ends.

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  • Andriy Melnyk (Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs) was joking around on Twitter this weekend that Germany should sell or lease a submarine to Ukraine to fight in the Black Sea* (proof: ). Neither he nor Zelenskyy will be happy until Ukraine gets mothballed F-117 Stealth fighters so they can buzz the Kremlin.

    * “Hi guys, I know I’m gonna get a new shit storm, but I have another creative idea. Germany (ThyssenKrupp) produces one of the world’s best submarines HDW Class 212A. The Bundeswehr has 6 such U-boats. Why not to send one to Ukraine? Then we’ll kick 🇷🇺fleet out of the Black Sea💪”

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