Justice for Kamala

Kamala Harris scored major points at the 2020 Democratic debates by going after Joe Biden for his relationship with segregationist senators during the 1970s. She also went after him about his positions on busing. But she is far from an impeachable when it comes to race issues.

5 thoughts on “Justice for Kamala

  1. I hereby decree Ms Harris abundantly qualified for US president … based on her cosmic hypocrisy alone!

    Even if she doesn’t get the Dem nomination, something tells me His Hairness WILL be expounding on the advantages of school bussing that certainly didn’t harm a little girl’s most profound aspirations and may well have created them. That is, Pocahontas II.

    OK, so to her +qualifications we must add: opposition-aiding public bungling

  2. “But she is far from an impeachable when it comes to race issues.”

    “unimpeachable”? We’ll blame spell check and move along.

    I admit I’m not up to speed on Harris. I’ll check it her out deeper as the race continues – assuming she doesn’t drop out first. There are just too dang many contenders right this minute.

    My advice to Sanders & Warren is this: DON’T both of you go to the primaries. If you do that, you’ll split the truly progressive vote and that would truly be a bad thing. Instead, pledge each other that the one lowest in the polls will drop out and throw your support behind the other, who will likewise pledge to take you on as VEEP. Everybody Wins!

    Sorry to play power politics and all, but sometimes ya just gotta …

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