Justice for Bush and His Torturers

Will there ever be justice for Bush and his torturers? Not unless you believe in a God-vengeance fantasy.

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  • The World Court has been active against criminals from other nations. When will they turn their attention to the crimes committed by the U.S.?????

  • A sweet, sweet fantasy. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  • Whenever we become weak, the only leaders ever punished by the world court are those that have oil and don’t play nicely with it.

  • I do not know much about others, but I remember Ronald Reagan had paid some back towards his end of life. But you should remember that Bush was a pawn. You wish or not, those behind him may have already started paying for their deed. Nobody escapes from His court.

    In the same line I want to add this: We have been US messing around other nations and people for long time. So far we are lucked out, as there were enough people to offset with good karma. That population is shrinking. That is what we are seeing as this nation going down to drain…I am not a Karma doctor, but I can say you too are contributing to good karma. Enlightening people is a great service.

  • Alas, the so-called «World Court», aka the International Court of Justice, is unlikely to turn its attention to the crimes committed by the government of the United States until such time as the US economy collapses and with it that country’s military control over (most of) the rest of the world, or the issue becomes moot when the US government initiates a thermonuclear conflagration which puts an end to us all, included the ICJ justices.So figures like Heinz Alfred Kissinger, Richard Bruce Cheney, George Walker Bush – or for that matter, that illustrious Nobel Peace Prize laureate of 2009, Barack Hussein Obama – are, alas, rather unlikely to be arraigned before a tribunal. But that, in my opinion, should not keep us from working to that end – the only morality to be found in «our» universe is that we ourselves struggle to introduce there….


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