Just What the Founders Had in Mind

Ironically, Democrats picked Joe Biden as their nominee in part because they were worried that Bernie Sanders would be smeared as a socialist. But now Republicans are framing Biden as a socialist. And of course progressive think that he is too conservative.

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  • Stuck in the middle with Joe!

  • Joe, man in the middle of a muddle.

  • alex_the_tired
    September 9, 2020 8:32 PM

    Um, Biden, the man who middled while Rome burned.
    So here’s a technical political question. Let’s say Biden drops out tomorrow or the next day. What happens? Do they go to whomever got the second-most number of delegates? Or do they put Kamala Harris out to be beaten by Trump? Or what?

    • To Alex:

      1) What do you see as a reason for Joe (neo Jim Crow) Biden to drop out? He’s finally got what he’s been seeking for 32 years.I’d see only 1) death or 2) an NSA assessment “of highest confidence” for a projected, long-term, national shortage of Depends.™

      2) If he were to drop out, as I recall from the Sanders supporters’ lawsuit against the DNC (2016), the court ruled that the DNC can do whatever it pleases (including brazen election fraud, apparently) in choosing a replacement.

      As to the hypothetical 2020 candidate replacement being the #2 primary delegate winner, I would expect the DNC to withdraw from the 2020 election campaign altogether (long) before nominating Sanders.

      • Falco,

        I genuinely think it’s only a matter of time before the people who are John Gill-ing um, Biden are no longer capable of carrying out the deceit. Either a hot mic incident or maybe Biden’s wife finally realizing that what’s being done to her husband’s future cadaver is simply obscene puts a stop to it.
        The New York Times (still zero stories about Ted v. the LA Times) is doing yeoman’s work in keeping negative items about Biden to an absolute minimum.
        The 538 site mentions that Biden’s doing well in the polls but fails to point out that he’s dropped in all the battleground states by a couple of percentage points.
        Biden’s down eight or so points from his high of about two months ago. He’s losing ground. Against Trump. In another month? When, God help us all if it turns out Trump was right, the COVID-19 has burned itself out by early October?
        Biden’s lead will disappear like a fart in a high wind. And the dems will lose. (And blame the Sanders people.)

      • «When, God help us all if it turns out Trump was right, the COVID-19 has burned itself out by early October?» Wouldn’t bank on that, Alex. As a WHO official recently pointed out at a meeting in China (which hasn’t had a domestic case these last 22 days), «it isn’t over anywhere unless it’s over everywhere», and the latter is far from the case….


  • Der Biden Bunker

    +1, Ted !… 😉


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